High end hotel everywhere Phuket Island add new store beautiful soon to open, bright all secret! 最强冷空气来袭 黄子韬被告上法庭

Phuket magnificent hotel

highlights roughly four points:

1, the Villas Resort Hotel brings a private luxury resort Phuket Island new experience

2, different from the Thai design everywhere, bringing a new minimalist design

3, each villa area of not less than 240 square meters of comfortable space

4, the roof of the marriage and outdoor garden can be held to accommodate 200 guests of the wedding ceremony, reception, celebration or feast

hotel is located in the west of the Phuket Island stretches 600 meters of the Emerald Bay Beach (Emerald Bay), away from the hustle and bustle of the Emerald Bay, elegant and quiet, in the resort of Phuket Island like a solitary land of idyllic beauty. At present, the area of the hotel is not much, near the Amari and Marriott is also a little bit away from here, it can be said that this is a virgin land has not been developed. But it is the most famous Patong beach is only Zhichizhiyao (south of the Gulf of Patong, that is) is a real quiet, affordable movement.

all private and public areas are retractable glass curtain wall, indoor and outdoor connected, hanging structure and the natural landscape. Vibrant lush plants to form a "green roof", environmental protection and energy conservation, the Andaman Sea (Andaman Sea) the scenery can surge high and sweep forward.

for the protection around the hotel covers an area of 40 acres of forest, from P-Landscape in Bangkok, will be carefully preserved or cleverly transplanted every tree here, including the 150 year history, meaning the sacred bodhi tree in Thailand culture. At the same time, they will introduce other native plants.

opened the company’s website, the following two picture maintenance planning plant in Chiang Mai 137 , Krabi Ritz post Hidden World Resort so well-known hotel, is the company responsible for the.

The main design

hotel from Singapore WOHA company responsible for , the famous Pickering of Singapore Binle (Parkroyal on Pickering Singapore, The Inn Boutique) is built by the design company.

Parkroyal on Pickering Singapore

restaurant and platoon villa design from


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