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Travel-and-Leisure I was lying in bed last night thinking of the sensational Brisbane accommodation we stayed at on our recent holiday to Australia. Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland and is located in the south east corner of the state. Brisbane is a fantastic destination for your next vacation. I travelled with my family and we chose self catering accommodation to help with the budget and we were delighted with the result. The Gold Coast is located just south of Brisbane. It is really easy to fly to the region as Brisbane and the Gold Coast each have their own airports and many overseas flights call into Brisbane. We looked at a number of options on .au which is a specialist accommodation website for Australia and New Zealand. It was really easy to use, and the staff there were very helpful when we had questions to answer. The South East corner of Queensland is generally recognized as one of the best family holiday destinations in Australia. There is so much to choose from. Initially, there are some of the best theme parks in the world here. These are easily accessed from Brisbane with daily tours available. Steve Irwins Australia Zoo is one of the most popular. Each of your children will have a different one as their favourite. In the summer Wet n Wild water park is extremely popular. The Kids will all want to visit Seaworld and see the Polar Bears and the Dolphins as well as spending time on the thrill rides and playing in the water park. Dreamworld is home to some of the most amazing rides with thrills like the Giant Drop and the Wipeout are really popular. The kids can spend days here and always be fully entertained. Movie World is also close by and once again it is a mecca for all children wanting to be scared to death on the wonderful rides. We also went Whale Watching on Moreton Bay and saw a number of magnificent humpback whales as they migrated by. Brisbane is situated on the banks of the Brisbane River and also along the shores of Moreton Bay. Most of the accommodation is nearby and it is easy to find a great room with a view. It is a large city and consequently there is much to do. There are many fabulous restaurants where you can indulge yourself and the shopping is great. Lots of cosy cafes exist in the plazas and walkways lining the river and the bay. Anyway, back to the accommodation. We stayed at the Bridgewater Terraces on Kangaroo point which was a great family destination. A short ferry ride takes you to the city center and from here everything is readily accessible. There was so much accommodation to choose from in the site that we were overwhelmed. Brisbane has a huge range of self contained apartments, Hotels , Motels and many other styles of accommodation. We sent the operators an email and one of their staff helped us to decide which resort to choose. I would certainly recommend you to do the same. Accommodation is generally of exceptional standard and there is something to suit every budget. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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