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Computers-and-Technology What are the parameters to term a brand customer-centric? Mostly all are claiming that they are, but it takes real courage to become the one that takes after-sales responsibility. Sony has shown it on several occasions. Last year High-Tech Bridge SA Security Research Lab brought the focus of the brand to a security vulnerability associated with certain VAIO personal computers with preinstalled VAIO PC Wireless LAN Wizard version 1.0, VAIO Wireless Wizard version 1.00, 1.00_64, 1.0.1, 2.0, or 3.0, SmartWi Connection Utility version 4.7, 4.7.4, 4.8, 4.9, 4.10, or 4.11 and VAIO Easy Connect software version 1.0.0 or 1.1.0. The glitch was likely to allow arbitrary code to run on the Affected Models when browsing a web-site made by a malicious attacker. Sony took no time to release a security update for the Affected Models to fix this issue. Likewise Sony Support brought quick solutions to fix overheating issues with VPCF11 and VPCCW2 series of notebook PCs in 2010. Customers with the above models were recommended to download and install a firmware update. Whether you are in or out of warranty, you are eligible for all software and hardware related Sony help service. Hardware components enjoy 3 year-on-site warranty against any manufacturing defect, so you have to bother least. Software is the most vulnerable area that requires frequent attention and monitoring. There can be issues related to the Windows Operating System, Microsoft Office, browser, Windows Live Essentials, and many third-party products. Issues related to peripherals like printers, all-in-ones, webcams and other can also become the bone of contention. At time, they may become unresponsive, error-provoking or go slow. Whatever the issue, you have to just call on the Sony Phone Number mentioned in the user-manual. Let technicians evaluate the system professionally. They can perform effective hardware check, and unravel and fix the fault hidden in the system and application software besides providing correct Internet and network settings. Whether you want to optimize your Sony system, upgrade software or connect devices, experts are ready to do all. They will make use of the tools from Microsoft Windows and third-party vendors to ignite the performance of the machine. Also, experts can manually remove invalid registry keys, explore Windows Event Viewer and correlate those with the displayed error messages to check problems. Security and identity protection is another major area of concern that needs your demand. Take lessons from experts on how to stay protected against phishing, identity theft, credit card fraud and the like. Equip your system with compatible Internet security software to curb entry of malicious programs that not only bring debacle for the system performance but may also vandalize your personal life by looting confidential information. This privacy protection and system restoration is a click away and doesnt really take much time. Sony devices are well engineered though it cant give a guarantee against system crash. So you must take a regular back up of your valuable assets. Whether you need help moving your photos, music and home videos to your new PC or backing up your current computer, Sony help and support service is always there. Experts can set up and configure an external backup drive that will automatically create a system image. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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