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UnCategorized When I mention networking many of my clients get a sour look on their face, pull away from the conversation, and cross their arms and legs. The word networking brings to mind a room full of fake smiles, lightly veiled sales pitches, and cold food. Not the most inviting thought for a coach who wants to help other people become more and have a full life. Re-define Your Idea of Networking Networking does not have to be that way for you. Networking is what you make it so make it something that you want to do and you look forward to doing. The first step to changing your attitude is to change your focus from what is in this for me to how can I be of service to others. You are not the only person that feels awkward at a networking even so try starting a conversation with someone who looks uncomfortable; at least you have one thing in common already! Share Your Coaching Skill by Helping Others You are a coach and you are trained to listen more effectively than most people so use that skill and listen to another person. Use your coaching skills to recognize the needs, challenges, and desires of another person. Provide value to that person by helping them recognize or uncover a truth that they may not have seen before. Encourage them to overcome their challenges and help them see a path to make changes that will help them. Success Depends on Whom You Know Everyone goes to a networking event looking me make contact with someone who will help them succeed. Most people are looking to push their agenda on another person and get them to buy something. Dare to be different by looking for ways that you can help another person. Help someone connect with someone you know in a way that could benefit both parties. If the connection works out well then both parties will be grateful and will desire to help you in the future. Be Yourself If you do not like phony people who are trying to sell you something or manipulate you then do not be that way with others at a networking event even if they are. People like people who are sincere and genuine and it is much easier on you to be real. Relax and be the wonderful person you are when you are among friends. People are attracted to people who are relaxed and confident so chill out and be yourself. Remember, you are there to meet others, make connection, and serve. You are not selling you are doing what you love connecting with others. You know that how you experience something has everything to do with your thinking. Now you have a new way to think about networking that will serve you and help you enjoy what you used to dread. Life and business are all about connecting with others in a genuine and loving way. Networking does not have to be different and you can teach others to network like you do by being a shining example. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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