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Death Of Bin Laden: Doomsday Or Renewal? Posted By: Stan Moody We are left to speculate as to the effect of the execution of Osama bin Laden on the American psyche. On a feeding frenzy since 9/11, the military industrial complex, the most self-conscious wing of corporate capitalism, will need the kind of resuscitation that only money can buy. There appears to be no end of supply. Pulitzer Prize winner, Chris Hedges, stands nearly alone in his condemnation of corporate capitalism as the killer of the middle class. His vision, enumerated in an April 25th Truth dig article, is of a burgeoning ruling class of insatiable power mongers in control of both major political parties: They will continue to exploit the nation, the global economy and the ecosystem. And they will use their money to hide in gated compounds when it all implodes. Do not expect them to take care of us when it starts to unravel AND hellip;It will be up to us to keep alive the intellectual, moral and culture values the corporate state has attempted to snuff out AND hellip;It is not much of a choice, but at least we have one.Prison Reform bin Laden Chris Hedges Truthdig Obama Stan Moody Maine Department of Corrections httpwwwscribdcomstanmoody httpsmoodyreportwordpresscom Prison Reform Maine Wants A Piece Of Arizona’s Immigration Law Posted By: Stan Moody As Maine lurches from one legislative session to another, it becomes common for the media to sit back and decide which bill is valid and which a waste of time. Having been both a legislator and editorial writer, I have an appreciation of the urgings that drive both. In a word, both are looking for that Hegelian moment that will shed light on the wisdom or foolishness of the status quo. Making Criminals Out of Pot Smokers: The status quo of our prison system in the US is one of making criminals out of drug offenders. Pot smokers who move on to new and higher experiences often find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Once they get into the penal system, they are pretty much ruined for life. Thus, with 5% of the world’s population, we boast 25% of the world’s prisoners, a large percentage of whom began their journey downhill by self-medicating their mental illnesses with cannabis. Legalize the Stuff! Rep. Dianne Russell (D-Portland) addresses the prison growth industry with a bill that would legalize and tax the recreational growth and use of cannabis.Prison Reform CCA Maine Department of Corrections Whoopie Pies private prison industry httpwwwscribdcomstanmoody httpsmoodyreportwordpresscom Prison Reform War And Prison: Instruments Of Christian Darwinism Posted By: Stan Moody A wise person once said something to me that I never forgot: "All evil goes back to ‘I want to be somebody.’" Reflect on the evil that has occurred in your own life or on the evil that you have inflicted on others. At the root is the scramble to become or to remain somebody by shoving aside others who stand in your way. The evangelical wing of the Christian church apparently is not above wanting to be somebody. Impact of the Christian Right on Foreign and Domestic Policy: For 25 years, I have been writing about the impact of the Christian Right on American policy in hope that professing Christians would return to the doctrine of the Kingdom of God embraced by the early church fathers. That doctrine envisions a spiritual citizenship that illogically transcends that of the nation-state by loving your enemies, doing good to those who oppress you and viewing the roots of evil as imbedded in the human imagination. I fear that it is too little too late. Abuse of Power: The political drift in America is less about right vs. left and more about the rationalization of abuse of power.Prison reform Christian Right David Barton evangelicals Kingdom of God Tea Party dominionism httpwwwscribdcomstanmoody httpsmoodyreportwordpresscom Prison reform Death Row Organ Banks Posted By: Stan Moody On January 27, 2011, I published an article on a logjam of executions. Due to shortages of Sodium Thiopental, a sedative critical to lethal injections, states have been left scrambling to return to their killing schedules under the threat of litigation. Not only are there pro-death groups and anti-death groups, both with lobbyists, but there are neutral-death penalty groups as well. Neutral-death penalty groups are dedicated to providing information on the death penalty with no preference one way or the other. All three are threatening action. The manufacturer of the sedative, Hospira of Lake Forest, IL, had to cease production because of a shortage of raw material. They had intended to switch to an Italian alternative, but the manufacturer insisted that the drug could not be used in executions, by order of the Italian government. It appears that I got only half the story. The other half of the story I received from my good friend, Mansfield Frazier, publisher of Reentry Advocate of Cleveland, OH. It has to do with executions turning into a production line for organ donations.Prison Reform death penalty lethal injections death-row-organ-banks Mansfield Frazier httpwwwscribdcomstanmoody httpsmoodyreportwordpresscom Christian Prison Reform Prison Reform: Moving Beyond The Scott Sisters Posted By: Stan Moody Shortly before the Scott Sisters, Jamie and Gladys, were released from prison in Mississippi in early January, 2011, I was a bit player in the drama by efforts to have Jamie apply for a pass for me to visit as her pastor. Conversations with a number of happy, accommodating bureaucrats within the system, all of whom claimed not to have heard of the Scott Sisters, led to a dead end as the paperwork for my visit fell through the cracks. Dr. Boyce Watkins, of Syracuse University, published an article on January 9, 2011, suggesting that cases like the Scott Sisters tend to take the focus off of prison reform by virtue of a false comfort that we can move on once a case is solved. His reference point was the December 2010 Georgia Prison Strike, where prisoners participating in the work stoppage were beaten with hammers. One prisoner reportedly is wheelchair-bound with brain damage. Dr. Boyce was lamenting the shift from reform to the feel-good outcome of the Scott Sisters. Dr. Boyce speaks to the consciences of those for whom prison reform seems a matter remote from our pedestrian lives on the outside.Prison Reform Dr Boyce Watkins Scott Sisters Jim Crow laws prison industries httpwwwscribdcomstanmoody httpsmoodyreportwordpresscom moving-beyond-the- Prison Reform Worried About Lethal Injection Supplies? Help Is On The Way! Posted By: Stan Moody AOL News, on January 25, published an interesting article about capital punishment in the US being on hold because of inability of private industry to produce the necessary drugs. It seems that Hospira, of Lake Forest, IL, announced last week that because of shortages of raw material supplies, it will go out of the business of manufacturing Sodium Thiopental, a sedative critical to lethal injections. It had planned to switch to an Italian manufacturer, but Italian authorities insisted on a guarantee that the drug would not be used in executions. "We cannot take the risk that we will be held liable by the Italian authorities if the product is diverted for use in capital punishment," Hospira said in a statement. This has left states scrambling to find alternatives before they are forced by litigation from pro-death penalty groups to get back on schedule. On the other side, anti-death penalty organizations will be suing for repeal. "This is clearly going to cause a problem for a lot of states," Richard Dieter of the Death Penalty Information Center, neutral on the death penalty, told The Washington Post. Anti-death penalty groups are understandable.Prison Reform Christian Right httpsmoodyreportwordpresscom capital punishment Department of Corrections Washington Post ACLU Prison Reform Maine Prison Advocacy Group Files Federal Complaint On Prisoner Deaths Posted By: Stan Moody Jonathan M. Smith, Chief Civil Rights Division RE: Request for Investigation Special Litigation Section of Maine Department of Corrections U.S. Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20530 March 17, 2011 Dear Jonathan M. Smith: The Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition (M-PAC), a growing coalition of human rights activists across the State, respectfully requests an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice of reoccurring medical neglect and security violations at Maine State Prison in Warren, ME, as well as in Maine’s other prisons. On April 24, 2009, Prisoner Sheldon Weinstein was found deceased in Segregation Cell B117 from a beating allegedly received in his general population housing unit four days earlier on April 20. The medical examiner determined that he died from a ruptured spleen. Weinstein was processed to segregation on the morning of April 23 after complaining of being in fear for his life. When he died, he had a huge black left eye that was not noted by the officer responsible for his segregation nor by the mental health worker who conducted his intake on the 23rd. Weinstein’s family was informed that he had died of natural causes, whereupon his remains were cremated.Prison Reform Stan Moody Maine Department of Corrections Sheldon Weinstein httpwwwscribdcomstanmoody httpsmoodyreportwordpresscom OPEGA Maine State Pr Prison Reform Prison ‘a La Court’: Kids-for-cash Posted By: Stan Moody A la Carte is a French term for "from the menu." An entr AND eacute;e ordered from the menu usually entitles the customer to a choice of side dishes. The menu in this case is a choice of corrections facilities in Pennsylvania, a favored entr AND eacute; being a private, for profit juvenile detention center prepared by Chef Mark Ciavarella, Jr., a Common Pleas judge in the hardscrabble town of Wilkes-Barre. The problem appears to be that the side dishes were literally thousands of children whisked off to juvenile detention within minutes of meeting the good judge. He stands convicted in federal court of a "kids for cash" scheme that netted him an estimated $2.6 Million. It gets better. The juvenile detention center of choice is called "PA Child Care." Owners were real estate developer, Robert Mericle, and officer of the court, Atty. Robert Powell. This road to Hell was paved when Ciavarella and another judge, Michael Conahan, shut down the county’s juvenile detention center by cutting off its public funding. PA Child Care! Not your typical nursery school, it would seem. On February 18, 2011, a federal jury found his honor, Mark Ciavarella, guilty of racketeering.Prison Reform Stan Moody httpsmoodyreportwordpresscom httpwwwscribdcomstanmoody Department of Corrections Ciavarella Ed Rendell prison-a-la-court Prison Reform 相关的主题文章:

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