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Auto-enrolment And Small Businesses Posted By: Richard Barlow pensions pensions scheme pension National earnings savings trust small business auto-enrolment payroll payroll outsourcing payroll service free payrol pensions Nest Is Coming Home To Roost For Uk Smes Posted By: Richard Barlow The UK Government and UK taxpayer both have painful long term fiscal headaches to sooth in the form of an aging population many of whom currently reach retirement age without sufficient financial resources to support themselves through their retirement. The 2008 Pensions Act laid out the detail of the UK government’s Workplace Pension Reforms intended to address the problem. The centre piece of reforms is the requirement that unless employees specifically opt out they must be enrolled in a scheme. If employers do not offer their own Workplace Pension Plan (WPP) then by default they must adopt the governments National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) defined contribution scheme. The important thing to appreciate is that no matter what form of pension scheme they choose all UK employers will have to provide a scheme for their employees whether they want to or not. Auto-enrolment will begin in 2012 with the biggest employers and will conclude by 2017 when all firms must enrol staff. The date when auto enrolment becomes necessary for individual firms depends on the last two digits of their PAYE reference number.pensions Pension scheme Pension plan national earnings savings trust NEST payroll outsourced payroll outsource payroll payroll services payroll servic pensions 相关的主题文章:

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