bar or waiting area who is busy talking or sleeping etc. and simply walks over and places his suitcase over your smaller bag or suitcase 青岛再添海底隧道 倪夏莲胜日本新星

Identity-Theft First thing we want to point out is that the airline pilots, stewardesses, maintenance staff, restaurant staff, baggage handlers, ticket agents and all other airport employees show up every morning to begin their work day so that they can earn a paycheck. Well, so do the pickpockets, luggage thieves and other identity theft criminals. After arriving, you may decide to give your bags to one of the skycaps. Don’t assume your bags are going to end up at the ticket counter, follow behind him and keep an eye on the bags. When you get to the ticket counter place your luggage between you and the counter, and if your kids are with you, assign them the important task of watching the luggage while you’re busy with ticket agent. Follow your carry-on luggage or briefcase as it goes through the x-ray machine because this is where some of the thieves carry out their distraction thefts. A distraction theft happens very quickly and is well rehearsed. A thief will be ahead of you (sometimes a beautiful woman), and cause a short distraction and your briefcase disappears. After finishing at the ticket counter try and imagine how many authorized and un-authorized persons will have opportunity to access your luggage, so keep your wallet, credit cards and other identifying information on your person. The pickpockets and luggage thieves are looking for someone who is in a hurry and distracted and if your hurrying for a flight, you will be distracted. Get to the airport early. If your at a bar or restaurant, place your luggage in-front of you with your foot through the straps. When using a washroom stall, don’t place your bags in-front of you, because the identity thieves are waiting for this and will simply grab your bags and hurry to a pre-determined exit. Place your bags beside you with your foot through the strap and try and use a corner stall if you can. Ladies, put your purse strap around your neck when in the stall. Remember, the thieves are waiting for what best works for them and they will grab your coat, purse or jacket from the hook on the stall door and they know that you are not in a position to give immediate chase. Don’t be the last person to board the aircraft. If you are one of the first to board you will be able to place your carry-on bag in an overhead locker directly across the aisle from your seat, where it will always be in clear site. You won’t have clear site if it is directly above your head or 4 rows behind you. Pickpockets may board the plane with you, so ladies, don’t store your purse under your seat where the thief behind you may quietly remove a credit card or driver’s license. After arrival, go to the baggage carousel right away and stand where you can retrieve your luggage as soon as it comes down the Shute. Thieves will sometimes wait at the luggage carousel and watch for a suitcase that is making full circles and steal it. Some of the thieves have engineered and constructed harmless looking baggage theft devices by converting an original, large suitcase. The suitcase bottom is equipped with a series of hinges and springs, and the thief looks for a victim seated at a restaurant, bar or waiting area who is busy talking or sleeping etc. and simply walks over and places his suitcase over your smaller bag or suitcase, your bag is swallowed up by the larger suitcase and the theft is complete. This form of baggage theft may even be accompanied by some sort of distraction that is long enough for you to become distracted so that they can commit the theft. The distraction is almost always something that is not uncommon for the surroundings, e.g. a man and a woman quarrelling, one person greeting another in a loud, excited manner or something real simple , like someone dropping a handful of change. These pickpockets and other thieves are intelligent, they know how to dress, how to blend in, they know who is a good victim and they practice, practice, and practice before arriving for work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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