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3 "Sandra Ng" Feng taste Li Ronghao got mad and continuously took the opportunity to Sohu   entertainment; Zhejiang TV entertainment Sohu brewed soy sauce "Twelve Feng taste 3" this Saturday night, Li Ronghao Sandra Ng will usher in two large coffee. "Funny sister" Sandra Ng in the program is laughing all the way, and even took the opportunity to tease mad Li Ronghao "you say that Nicholas Tse is not going to set us two?" With Li Ronghao Harper, rolling in the aisles. In the sun waiting is a chore, with Sandra Ng together is to let Li Ronghao know". Because Nicholas Tse has not agreed to, boring Sandra Ng couldn’t help molested the Li Ronghao. I saw she was a face of bad smile "Nicholas is seldom late ah, he is not about us here, in order to match the two of us?" With insight into all the eyes pose, so that Li Ronghao shy to know how to answer, laugh at the crowd. See the younger brother is so young and interesting, Sandra Ng is more active with "Liao brother" Eighteen strokes "you stand a little closer!" "Why are you so shy?" "Do you have a girlfriend?" "Who is she?" A series of gun type issues people had to wear her gossip with her natural skill, bursting point full in full. Although it is a joke, but Sandra Ng also shows a rare delicate side in the show. The taste of "thousand package" delicious in Taihu when Sandra Ng first reaction is to learn to do for my family to eat more to Nicholas Tse that he now often in Losangeles, daughter of cooking traditional Guangdong dishes, visible under the appearance of careless Sandra Ng also has a delicate motherliness. Sandra Ng, Li Ronghao will be in the program to the audience what kind of surprise? The Saturday night 22:00 Zhejiang TV "Twelve Feng taste 3" and you Be There Or Be Square.相关的主题文章:

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