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The preliminary analysis: England plate converting advantage premium dropped – Sohu of England vs Malta 201517 world European game time: 2016-10-08 Saturday 23:59 10BET the disk: 1.280 four ball four ball half 0.650 Bet365 disc: 0.950 four ball four ball half 0.850 William Hill: 1.02 19 34 1.02 21 51 Ladbrokes: [news] score data 1 England, the first group phase 1-0 away the main rival Slovakia lore. 2, England in the last 6 games, only more than 1 goals scored more than 1 goals. In 3, Allardyce resigned as England coach last week, England U21 coach Southgate as interim coach to become the team’s acting coach, led to at least November 15th with Spain after the game, the FA will start looking for a new coach work. 4, Malta home court opener 1-5 defeat in Scotland, nearly 10 round 3 flat 7 negative. 5, Malta’s most recent win in June in the warm-up match in Lithuania in 15. [analysis] asian handicap according to data provided the score, Bet365 ball chupan Lord let England four ball ball half five 1.08 high water handicap drop plate to four ball four ball half high water disc 0.95, reduced greatly; the size of the ball chupan chupan 4.55 ball high water, also have a tendency to drop the plate. Whether it is the strength of the team or the qualifications are significantly higher than the opponent several grades of England, but the unfavorable trend in handicap premium dropped disc, not necessarily in the odds for cheap. Asia recommended: Malta +4.25 color recommendation (-3): 30相关的主题文章:

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