Shenyang nearly 9 granny sued five children previously to 110 thousand children (video) naughty怎么读

Shenyang nearly 9 years old had sued five children to give children a 110 thousand and 88 year old man sued 7 children together to support the dispute in Shenyang, nearly 9 years old mother through the court finally got 5 children to visit, to provide the necessary articles for daily use, maintenance of different supporting obligations. The court issued a number of opinions on the issue of the family is more worthy of reflection. Nearly nine years old child support prosecution Cai Shenyang’s aunt is nearly nine years old, and Li Dong, Li Juan, Li Ming, Li Xun, Li Hongjun is the mother child relationship. No source of her life and work depends mainly on the lover (deceased) survivors subsidies to 540 January, because the maintenance problem of disputes between the two sides, Cai aunt sued to the court. After investigation, Cai aunt deposit 110 thousand yuan in 2014 kept by Li Dong. The court held that the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation to support their parents, marriage law of our country, the Constitution clearly stipulates the ability to support the adult children of parents aged statutory obligation to support and assist. Under normal circumstances, the child’s obligation to support their parents should be equal, and whether or not to inherit or share the property of parents. The duty to support and assist includes maintenance and assistance, which refers to the behavior of the child’s support for his parents, and to provide the necessary daily necessities and expenses in material and economic terms. Assistance refers to the children’s care, help and care for their parents in spirit and life. Cai aunt is nearly nine years old, although the survivors monthly subsidy of 540 yuan, but has lost the ability to work, the elderly, five children Cai aunt should actively fulfill the obligation of supporting. Sentenced to five children in different forms to support the trial, Li Juan, Li Ming, Li Xun and Li Hongjun were willing to regularly visit the elderly in their own way, for the elderly daily necessities, Cai aunt agrees. Li Dong’s aunt Cai admission deposit 110 thousand yuan deposit has its name, and are willing to pay a monthly alimony 200 yuan Cai aunt. The court held that the family is an important part of society, family members shall respect each other and help each other, so as to establish a civilized harmonious family relationship, and each member of the family to feel the warmth of affection, happiness and happy life, not to just focus on the economy and the interests of the pros and cons of five children should actively fulfill their commitments, let aunt CAI to experience the happiness of a family union in the rest of life, also can not make yourself "if you don’t in" regret. The trial court: Li Juan, Li Ming, Li Xun, Li Hongjun since December 2015 monthly visit aunt Cai, provide the necessary daily necessities for Aunt CAI; Li Dong Cai aunt since December 2015 to pay a monthly maintenance fee of 200 yuan. The old man Appeals upheld the verdict, Cai aunt and Li Dong appeal, that the claim is five children per person to pay 200 yuan per month alimony judgment "four children since December 2015 monthly visit aunt Cai, provide the necessary daily necessities" is not the claim for Cai Cai aunt aunt. Li Dong only 200 yuan per month to pay alimony, but did not judge the other appellant to pay alimony contrary to the principle of fairness. The court held that:)相关的主题文章:

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