Wei Zexi’s parents commissioned a lawyer to issue a letter of complaint does not rule out prosecutio 残清1864

The parents of Wei Zexi lawyer issued a letter discussion does not exclude Prosecution – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 12th news from Baidu (reporter Zhou Yifan) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that after leaving the line of sight of people, more than two months, "Wei Zexi incident" caused concern again. Know the platform, "Wei Zexi" account again in September 10th to publish dynamic, titled "Wei Zexi: why parents allow us to ‘scapegoat’? ". Dynamic with "to Baidu Inc and Robin Li on the settlement of" the case of the Wei Zexi, "a letter of inquiry. Why would Wei Zexi parents choose to voice again in the network platform? Hello everyone, I am Wei Zexi 21 years old this year. When I was a sophomore, I found myself suffering from a malignant tumor. After more than a year of treatment, I experienced the unimaginable pain of ordinary people, my family is overwhelmed……" In May this year, 21 year old college student Wei Zexi passed away, let people know the synovial sarcoma of this rare disease, will also be pushed to the Baidu Inc’s bidding mechanism in the teeth of the storm. Wei Zexi lived in the know almost the author, about his passing, and said that this biological immunotherapy, abroad has long been due to the efficiency is too low to be eliminated. After causing public concern, Baidu Inc said, immediately contact the West father condolences and condolences. But Wei’s parents issued a statement through the media, Baidu responded that very angry, saying, Baidu and the hospital has never been contacted with them". The day before yesterday, the parents of Wei Zexi again with "Wei Zexi" login to know, and publish dynamic: "Wei Zexi parents: why let the scapegoat? The main content is a letter of attorney written by Song Weiqiang. Among them, wrote: "they have been asking me, ‘why did no one take the initiative to ask us to give us a statement and answer?" Meditate, decided before instituting corresponding legal procedures, honest to your company, Mr. Xiang Yanhong wrote this letter to this letter is not for the purpose of what news hype, not to talk about the justice and preaching, I just want to put the problem out of the same company and Mr. Wang Yan and there is no need to solve this problem? How to solve this problem?" Attorney Song Weiqiang believes that things are not so simple, and now the situation is not much to say, wait a second. Open letter wrote: "we did not go to a rigid stereotypes lawyer’s letter, because we always believe that the Baidu Inc and Mr. Wang Yan is a kind of legal procedure, is always the last remedy to solve the problem, in addition to law, can have emotional and negotiation." Just a few days ago, Baidu CEO Robin Li media interview, talk about the development and transformation of Baidu Inc, once again referred to the matter of Wei Zexi. Robin Li said: "for Baidu, we are going to make money. We need to have a source of income, this source of income for Baidu, the most important thing is advertising. There are hundreds of millions of advertising ideas submitted every day, some aspects of what we do know is not so thorough, maybe have some promotion the enterprise does not so standard, so we want to continue to regulate it, make good things as far as possible in the obvious position.相关的主题文章:

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