Passing the torch — looking for the traditional village Guardian start a new network in Beijing 姉summer

"Passing the torch — looking for the traditional village Guardian" launched in Beijing – Beijing Beijing in August 29 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni), directed by the State Bureau of cultural relics China cultural relics protection foundation hosted the eighth session of "passing the torch — looking for traditional village Guardian" activities started in Beijing on 29. The project is set up by the panel of experts and the review committee. Through social activities recommended and invited recommended two ways: social recommendation according to the declaration, recommended by the applicant unit or the higher authorities can also cross industry and cross system cross regional recommendation; it is the focus of media recommendation invited well-known experts selected by the review committee of the activities and concerns of traditional village publicity recommendation. Chinese cultural relics protection foundation Deputy Secretary General Li Xiangping, is accepted, the online voting and the final three links: the first round of evaluation process, evaluation expert group from the recommended in 45 selected individuals and groups, 20 individuals and organizations to recommend and invited referees together form the finalists, by the foundation unified to the public; the second round of network voting link, the public can through the network to understand the finalists and vote deeds; the third round of the final link, network voting results as an important reference for the final assessment, evaluation committee in a real way to vote from the finalists in the top 10 "traditional village Guardian figures" and 5 "the traditional village Guardian outstanding team". August 29th, the public and the relevant units can log in to view the relevant information, download the registration form. And in October 15th to submit application materials. Chinese Heritage Fund will be held in the eighth "passing the torch — looking for traditional village Guardian" awards ceremony in Zhejiang County of Songyang Province in late November, and give some incentives for individual and group winners. There will also be combined with the China cultural relics newspaper, jointly organized "Beijing green cross guard and activation of traditional villages — protection and utilization forum", invite domestic experts to exchange views on the protection of traditional villages in different cases, and the protection of traditional villages, deepen the discussion and consensus. It is reported that the inheritance activities in 2007 held the first time in the State Cultural Relics Bureau approval and guidance, has been successfully held seven sessions, awarded more than 100 people have made outstanding achievements in the protection of cultural heritage in the cause of group. (end)相关的主题文章:

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