Europa Intelligence the Hejduk team is the youngest in Europa 乃々果花

Europa: information age in Europa Hejduk team qualifying the young Thursday 014       Europa       Hejduk VS split Maccabi Tel Aviv       2016-08-26 02:30         location: Croatia – split: 25 degree weather sunny situation: Splltter Haiduk is Splltter Haiduk a veteran team in Croatia last season, won the league in third grade, after the start of the new season, the team from the Europa League second qualifying round started, has eliminated Iasi and Ehrlich Sandra, did not encounter too challenging, but from the lineup, Hejduk split the team average age of only 22 years old, is a young team for most of the Europa League qualifying teams Wu, array of soldiers participated in the war in Europe’s experience is not rich, the play offs by Israeli side Maccabi Tel Aviv, the team first round away defeat, but get a precious away goal, the return to the home court, Splltter Haiduk will go all out, but need to pay attention to the team recently in front of the wounded more, midfielder Basic, Ma Gan support, forward village, Fu tucks and other 6 players were unable to play, the team wants to open the gate of the opponent is not easy. Maccabi Tel Aviv situation: the Israeli side Maccabi Tel Aviv in excellent condition, over the weekend to beat Fa Saba Sharp M in the League after the home court, the race team scored four game winning streak, as the Israeli league team in recent years is also a traditional powerhouse, frequent Europe, the last 4 seasons in European games, 3 times into the positive stage. This season, teams from the UEFA Cup first qualifying round started, all the way through, made 6 wins, 1 unbeaten record, and with the midfield Joe in the back, the Maccabi Tel Aviv squad is very neat, the attack and the road team, naturally will not fight. Clash history: the two teams recently a formal match record, split Hejduk away 1:2 defeat opponents. Game Analysis: SMG Shengping Fu played out 2.95-3.15-2.12 SP, did not give the team confidence, Hejduk split away a ball first round defeat, this return to the home court, there is a big comeback opportunity, but the disk in a disk start, obviously lighter, the note after the water level continued to rise, the market outlook more companies become disc guest Let flat half pattern, and the scale trend is consistent, positive transition metal positive move away, the game Maccabi Tel Aviv away unscathed, Cai Shengping suggested competing negative play flat negative check. (to snow)相关的主题文章:

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