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Zhu Shimao and Hu Xia teamed up for best comedy talent – "clown" studio entertainment Sohu Hu Xia Hu Xia Zhu Shimao sell adorable full understanding of     Sohu entertainment news national comic master Zhu Shimao once again appeared in comedy, with young actor Hu Xia inspirational comedy film "living treasure cooperation", said he first met Hu Xia just hit it off, the children feel superior sincere, polite, tall legs shape, while the non professional background, but dedicated, every time acting as a chance to learn as much as possible, to play the best, but also often took a series of this exercise, ask how to interpret the role of hope to try to interpret good characters, although this is the first time Hu Xia comedy however, his actual reaction ability is not greater than many professional actors, looks cute he actually has a humorous side, understand How to get into the studio, in the most natural language to show the real life of the scene. Zhu Shimao also often led Hu Xia to act, to teach him how to enter the role, he said with a smile is the strength to send the most fresh Music Comedy Festival, two people in a short period of time has developed enough understanding, the cooperation is a kind of fate, is very optimistic about this guy, I believe the audience will love his performance, also hope there will be more cooperation on. "Clown" by the Austrian group, Guangdong Ying Hua Guangdong great pictures, film, fashion star, new century queue television company co produced, Huang Shengyi, Hu Xia, Wang Xijin, starring Chen Zixi, Jianfeng Bao, Zhu Shimao, Liu Hua, Yang Di and other comedy stars portrait of joining, upcoming comedy hit.相关的主题文章:

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