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A Nanning auto repair franchise stores closed for several days to do card membership rush Southland morning news (reporter Intern Wang Shijie       Jiangsu Tingyan   Ventura) two years ago, Hu public Huidong city in Nanning car Bao Tong Auto repair shop No. 6 to do a membership card. Recently, he found that the shop has been closed for more than a few days, the door did not paste any notice or notice, the phone can not get through. There are hundreds of dollars on his membership card balance, and he is similar to the owners there are many. November 24th, the founder of the treasure hall said that the stores and Che Baotang are to join the relationship, the shop membership cards are used independently, not universal. Proposed cardholder rights according to law, the car will be given assistance and cooperation in the church hall. Car treasure hall 6 shop has been closed for more than a day. Mr. Hu in car treasure hall 6 shop do membership card.   auto repair shop owner cold-shoulder treatment had closed for several days, Mr. Hu said he was two years ago in the car Bao Tong Shop No. 6 for the membership card, each use will recharge, each charge five hundred or six hundred yuan, at present there are hundreds of dollars without the use of the card. A few days ago, he wanted to go to the car wash, found that the shop is closed, call the two phone number on the membership card, a shutdown, another no answer. He wanted to know whether the membership card can go to other stores to spend, the balance of the card can not be returned. November 23rd afternoon, the reporter visited the investigation in the vicinity of the shop. Some people say that the shop has been closed for almost a month. Some nearby residents told reporters that there are many owners to the vehicle maintenance shop this month, only to eat cold-shoulder treatment. The phone can not get through, can not contact the relevant person in charge, these owners are both angry and helpless, because they are mostly do membership cards. Visit   stores are various;   membership cards are not universal reporter noted that Mr. Hu offered membership card is written in praise of Nanning dragon car Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as longzan, and no company) "car Bao Tong". What is the relationship between the company and the company in the end? Through the electronic map search "car treasure hall", reporter inquiries to Nanning more than and 10 car Bao Tong Auto repair shop, but some auto repair shop is shut down, the phone is not empty, or no answer. 23 afternoon, the reporter visited the site two pronged car Bao Tong name the auto repair shop. In Hing Road and road intersection and a hanging car Bao Tong signs auto repair shop, responsible person said, this shop is only car Bao Tong franchise, joining the beginning to pay the initial fee, then operate independently, without any relationship with other stores. Other stores in the membership card, in its store is not universal. An auto repair shop national road also hung car Bao Tong signs. A female staff member said that the shop was transferred to the boss, the signs are not ready to use the car treasure hall, but there is no time to replace. In Xian binlu a hanging car Bao Tong signs motor repair shop, the reporter saw a staff member to one of the owners recommend membership card. The staff member said, before the car treasure hall franchise has more than and 10, there are currently normal operations of the four or five. All the stores are.相关的主题文章:

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