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Anhui 700 thousand tons of garbage heap of agricultural land in Funan County procuratorate prosecution live URA original title: agricultural land 700 thousand tons of garbage heap in Anhui Funan County procuratorate prosecution Housing Bureau of Fuyang City, Funan County Housing and Urban Construction Bureau will be a low-lying land as landfill, more than and 50 acres of land were piled up nearly 700 thousand tons of garbage, pollution on the surrounding environment. To this end, Funan County People’s Procuratorate to prosecute the illegal exercise of authority. The day before, the administrative public interest litigation in the Funan County People’s court and the court verdict, the judgment of Funan County Housing Construction Bureau of administrative violation, ordered its deadline to repair the environment. It is reported that the case is the first case of public interest litigation in Anhui to carry out the pilot trial of administrative public interest litigation. It is understood that, in 2000, Funan County Housing Construction Bureau will be deer town Miao village, a low-lying agricultural land requisition as the county and the surrounding 3 villages and towns production waste landfill. As of the beginning of June this year, the landfill using more than and 50 acres of land, has accumulated landfill, garbage heap nearly 700 thousand tons. However, because when enabled by understanding, system, technology, financial and other aspects of the restrictions, not supporting the construction of landfill landfill leachate seepage, gas collecting and transporting, dredging, collecting and discharging facilities, causing secondary pollution to groundwater and soil, affecting the environment, causing serious pollution of rivers and near the outskirts of the village. In March 2014, Funan County Environmental Protection Bureau, former Funan County City Management Bureau issued a notice of environmental monitoring, ordered its rectification in accordance with law, but the other did not rectification. April 2016, Funan county prosecutor’s office to the Funan Housing Authority issued a prosecution proposal to urge the Council to correct violations and remedy the environment. July 2016, the prosecution on behalf of the public to the Funan Housing Construction Bureau filed a public interest litigation. Funan County Court of first instance found that the Funan Housing Construction Bureau administrative acts illegal, ordered its end of 2018 before the landfill harmless treatment, restoration of regional ecological environment. Before the verdict, Funan has launched emergency remedial measures. It is understood that our province is one of the public interest litigation to carry out the 13 pilot areas of the NPC Standing Committee authorized the Supreme People’s procuratorate. The case, but also to carry out pilot work in Anhui since the first public hearing of administrative public interest litigation.相关的主题文章:

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