Anhui encourages individuals to protect historic buildings by way of subscription

Anhui encourages individuals through the recognition for the subscription of historical building protection network according to the Jianghuai morning news as an important birthplace of Huizhou culture in our province, Huizhou ancient building stock is huge, wide, but due to the lack of effective protection of cultural relics damaged serious loss. Previously, the provincial CPPCC members called for: don’t let the Huizhou architecture wither in time "". Yesterday, the reporter learned from the provincial Office of legislative affairs, our province will legislate for the protection of historical and cultural construction, "the implementation of the" historical and cultural city town village protection measures of Anhui Province Ordinance (draft draft) "(hereinafter referred to as" draft ") are for the public opinion collection. Meet the conditions can be determined as a historic building "draft" pointed out that the declaration of the historical and cultural blocks, need to preserve the rich cultural relics; historical buildings whose; a complete and truly reflect the traditional pattern and historical features of a certain size. The buildings and structures that have not been announced as cultural relics protection units and have not been registered as immovable cultural relics shall be determined by the people’s governments of cities and counties. Need to have: with important historical events, historical figures associated in the history of development of the city or the history of the development of an industry representative of other prominent historical and cultural value; architectural art features, a region or nation where a period of typical architectural design style of high architectural value; building materials, structure construction technology, architectural form, or a combination of space layout reflects the construction technology and the level of science and technology; has other characteristics such as value conditions. The extension shall not damage the traditional architectural style of historical and cultural cities, towns and villages, neighborhoods in new construction, expansion and reconstruction of buildings, structures and other facilities shall comply with the conservation planning, and other facilities shall not damage the traditional style of the new buildings and structures; and shall not damage the protected buildings, structures and other facilities, or change the original style of the decoration and maintenance; and shall not damage the intangible cultural heritage belongs to the part of the objects and spaces. It is reported that have been approved or approved and announced the historical and cultural streets, towns and villages, due to inadequate protection of historical and cultural values lead to severely affected, by the competent department of urban and rural planning in conjunction with the people’s Government of the province, the cultural relics administrative department organized experts to conduct the assessment, submitted to the provincial people’s government will be included in the list of endangered and published by the people’s the government instructed the local city or county people’s Government rectification, take remedial measures. Highway, railway, high-voltage power lines, pipelines, gas pipelines may not cross the historical and cultural streets, towns and villages have core scope of protection; construction, should be in accordance with the conservation planning gradually move out. To encourage individuals to recognize people’s Government rent historical buildings in the city or county for protection can be a historic building with the owner or user who signed the historic building protection agreement, agreed on the obligations and the protection of historical buildings subsidies and other matters, implement the responsibility to protect historic buildings. The people’s Government of the city or county has the ability to encourage units or individuals with recognized adoption, rent, insurance, recognition by way of subscription, the site involved in the protection of historic buildings. Encourage history to build peak相关的主题文章:

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