Animation can bring a miracle Female original sales dismal dataload

Animation can bring a miracle? In the past, people often think that "popular cartoons can be adapted for animation". But perhaps in recent years, the relationship between the industry downturn, some sales are not high, the work also has the opportunity to animation. And recently, there are Japanese netizens pointed out: "female" the original sales too bleak, right? Former name: without coding San now you come to see "competitive" female sales: competitive female (1) 6986 (2) of 5299 competitive female female competition (3) 5760 (4) of 5304 competitive female female competition (5) 4964 (6) of 5104 competitive female female competition (7) 5432 female. (8) 4802 (9) of 4323 women. Such results, indeed it can also animate…… After the animation broadcast, can drive 10 times sales? Former name: without coding San now can serialize to today is not easy? Anyway, I am not very clear who will buy such a work, look at the settings feel very strange. Former name: without coding San on the original submission clearly lacks popularity, the animation project has passed…… This is certainly not to be divulged the secret behind? Former name: without coding San submission actually light is to see the works of anime, you know "SUNDAY" magazine has reached a crisis point out how. Former name: without coding San now am I the only one who can work about this outbreak? After all, the kind of showdown with Optima to set, after the animation is certainly very interesting ah! Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:

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