Autonomous Region of rural credit cooperatives in the field of livelihood loans 24 billion 400 milli pork face

Since the autonomous region of rural credit cooperatives on the people’s livelihood loans 24 billion 400 million yuan – Inner Mongolia Channel – this year, the region’s rural credit cooperatives to thoroughly implement the national and autonomous regions related to the development of inclusive financial arrangements, and constantly improve the coverage rate and the degree of satisfaction of financial services, as of the end of September, the region’s rural credit cooperatives invested in the people’s livelihood loans 24 billion 400 million yuan, the balance of 47 billion 100 million yuan. The rural credit cooperatives in rural and pastoral areas surrounding the construction of infrastructure, renovation of dilapidated buildings in rural and pastoral areas, increase the protection of housing projects, new rural and small town construction, grassland ecological protection and construction, rural and pastoral areas in the field of public service credit efforts. Around the public entrepreneurship, innovation, and strive to meet young rich leaders, Party members, students and women entrepreneurs, migrant workers and migrant workers, the disabled, poor students, science and technology correspondent rural employment and other social groups focus on credit demand, and constantly improve the professional level of financial services. Continue to carry out thousands of visits to the event, and constantly improve service quality, expand service coverage. The use of new technologies, the development of new products to improve the relocation of migrants, low cultural populations, remote mountainous areas of financial services convenience. (Zhang Huiling) (commissioning editor Liu Ze and Ceng Xiaoqiang)相关的主题文章:

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