Back to live in Deyang than Chengdu rental cost rainism

Back to Deyang to live than Chengdu rent money back to the Deyang to live than the Chengdu bus car rental cost between Chengdu and Deyang to open the news, in a company near Tianfu Square in Chengdu to prepare for the October inauguration of Li Chao will no longer rent due to rent in Chengdu, back to Deyang to live every day. Li Chao rented house in the vicinity of the Chengdu Sport University, his every work need to walk to the bus station and then take the bus, "seemingly distance is not far away, but in the rush hour traffic jam time is long, the time on the road to spend at least forty or fifty minutes." Li Chao told reporters that he lives in a district north of the city of Deyang near Jinghu, riding a cable car for 35 minutes to the DeYang Railway Station, even zuogongjiaoju in less than ten minutes time, EMU bus line, basically do not have to worry about the problem of the shortage of tickets." Li Chao calculate a bill, and now the cost of renting more than 1000 yuan a month to Sheung Shui electric, Deyang to Chengdu’s train ticket back and forth one day to $52 a month, about $1100, the rent for the ride almost. He felt that he could live in Deyang in the future, every day to and from Chengdu to work, the time spent on work should be almost the same time, high-speed rail transit time control." But more importantly, Li Chao felt able to eat mother’s food every day, but also saves a lot of cost of living, and live comfortable. The reporter learned from the DeYang Railway Station, like Li Chao thought people don’t have to worry about the issue of tickets, a silver card can fix. Relevant person in charge told reporters in DeYang Railway Station, chengmianle train running, each train reserved 10 seats to the card passengers, stop passenger only produce iron bank card, credit card ticket ride through security, when the station again on the line credit card fees. "Shortening is not just a matter of time, along with the flow of capital between urban areas, and the flow of talent. As a result, Jingyang is conducive to better advantage, the formation of characteristic economy in Chengdu Chongqing Economic zone." Relevant person in charge told reporters in Deyang City Jingyang, EMU is not only driven economy, and the concept of innovation, change people concept of space-time. In Jingyang a class, can take the high-speed rail to Chengdu for dinner; to work in Chengdu, can also choose to live in jingyang……相关的主题文章:

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