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Beijing second-hand housing turnover continued to decline in price wait [Abstract] after the introduction of the new deal 930 more than a month, net signed data start cliff style decline. However, many buyers look forward to the second-hand housing price surge has not yet appeared, and some sellers due to market volatility to suspend the sale of real estate after the introduction of the new deal 930 plan, the trend of Beijing housing prices become the focus of attention. Regulatory policy came suddenly, a lot of new houses developers choose the first stop disk response. In the new home market, in addition to some pre-sale permit has been achieved in the project, most projects have stalled. Regulation of the impact of the new deal for these projects can not be observed for the time being, and the relative freedom of the seller and the buyer, the price change is easy to observe the impact of second-hand housing policy will become the main vane. According to Albert I love my family group Market Research Institute of statistics, last week (October 31st -11 6), the Beijing second-hand housing net signed 4870 sets, a decline of 17%. This is the decline in the amount of second-hand housing net signed for third weeks. After the introduction of the new deal 930 more than a month, net signed data start cliff style decline. But many buyers expect the second-hand housing price surge has not yet appeared, some sellers due to market fluctuations to suspend selling plan, short time and to strengthen the supervision of housing intermediary also makes some procedures in the next frame. Vacate high-quality housing less choice "to buy, but there is no choice at all." This is Zhao recently issued a house after the emotion. Zhao is currently living in the north ring of a residential area of less than five years, the changes in the structure of the family so that she wanted to build a large apartment in the same district in the home of the four. 930 after the introduction of the new deal, she felt that the wards of the opportunity, began looking for suitable housing in the area. A month later, the district meets the needs of the housing is still only one set. According to her agent, because this is the only district currently sell a set of four ranks, this suite has more than and 30 buyers to read the scene, but did not determine the purchase intention, the main reason is that the owners keep prices keep very dead. Owners do not live here, the house did not live a day, do not worry about money." "Thousand times" in a real estate intermediary website inquiries to the district currently only four houses sold in sets, and listing time in a month or so, offer relatively early transaction listings have a small increase. Call home buyers, most said that the smaller bargaining space. Similar Zhao residential area so there are many, in some of the very real housing, because housing quality is good, has been an important goal in wards. Because of these small owners in a short time, wards demand small, compared to insist on housing prices, although the policy has been adjusted, but not to affect their price stage. In particular, some large apartment listings, in this wave of improved crowd driven by the purchase, after part of the transaction price has been more than a small apartment listings, the current price has remained strong. A second-hand housing agency insiders, the current Beijing second-hand housing market sentiment is very strong, especially with some high-quality housing owners, in the current market environment is difficult to accept the price for the transaction. Some of the more biased position, the oldest and supporting Ting相关的主题文章:

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