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British private cram school enrollment hot   scholars: fear the impact of fair education and Education — original title: for the UK private cram hot scholars: fear the impact of education fairness according to the British "Guardian" reported on September 8th, in recent years the rapid development of the British private cram school, spend money to solve the problem of school homework please tutor or by the number of pupils in grammar the exam was up 1/3. At present, more than 40% of pupils in London are on private tutoring. The British educational charity foundation Sutton (Sutton Trust) research report shows that in order to get the general certificate of secondary education (GCSE), 38% British students please tutor, while 18% was through grammar test please tutor. And as the UK plans to build more high-quality universities to increase student choice, the proportion may continue to rise. It is understood that from 2005 to date, the proportion of students in the United Kingdom to receive private tutoring has risen from 18% to 25%, while London this data is as high as $42%. Last year alone, between 11 and 16 years of age have been in public school students, one in every one of the 10 received counseling. In addition, the report also pointed out that the United Kingdom has a lot of public school teachers in order to improve the income of private tutoring students. A survey involving 1600 teachers. The results show that each of the 10 public school teachers in 4 by a private tutor to earn money, the proportion of northeast British public teacher to do private tutoring for 49%, southwest ratio was 34%. It is understood that the cost of private tutoring is usually 27 pounds per hour, but there may be more, the industry output value of up to $2 billion per year. However, Sutton trust warned that because there are still many families can not afford a private tutor, the number of students receiving private tutoring will increase the risk of education fair. In addition, the report recommends that the government set up an income certification program to help low-income families to hire private tutoring for children, and called for counseling agencies to provide free tutoring for children in some difficult families. (internship compilation: Chen Jiali reviewer: Liu Yang (Xiong Xu), commissioning editor: Hao Mengjia)相关的主题文章:

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