Candidates too late to stop the exam directly throw the key to the traffic police soulseek

The examinee examination late late parking directly throw the key to the traffic police examination late not parking directly throw the key to the traffic police the Yangzi Evening News Network October 30th news (correspondent Cheng Cheng reporter Guo Yipeng Liu) is about to begin a self-study exam, candidates in the school that be long in coming no parking chaos directly had parked across the school the door, then put the key to throw the police protection test. The morning of October 29th, 9, 2016 Nanjing adult self start. Qinhuai District Southern Chancery Lane Primary School Test Center, a car to come to candidates because of rain the road will be long in coming, as he prepared to test the vehicle parked into the school, the school has been informed of the school security no parking. In panic, the candidates will cross the vehicle parked in front of the school, and ran off to the test sites, is near the Nanjing guard test two traffic police brigade squadron of police Zhao Xinhui immediately stepped forward to stop. Who knows the candidates had to throw the keys to the hands of the police, so that the police to help them stop the vehicle, he finished the test and then take the car. The candidate has a great influence on the vehicle illegally parked in front of the school gate and the order of import and transit to the candidates, so the police will help the roadside parking lot parking near the center of the. After the candidates to the end of the exam, the police will be returned to the key, and he criticized the education.相关的主题文章:

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