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Cesarean section in the end how much knife to see this article on the pain! We have heard of cesarean section, if you or your loved ones will soon have a child, you will choose cesarean section? Some people say that cesarean section is a knife, really is so simple? Today, I will lead you to understand the real process of cesarean section. Cesarean section we know how to split it? First of all, to cut 7 layers of meat, of course, is not only meat, the professional said, including skin, subcutaneous fat layer, the former sheath fascia, muscle, posterior sheath fascia, peritoneum and bladder peritoneal fold, a total of 7 layers, it is terrible, right? But this is only the beginning, because after the 7 cut to see the uterus, and then cut the uterus, then how many times to cut it? The 3 layer, respectively, myometrium, decidua, amniotic membrane. That is to complete a cesarean section need to cut 10 layers of meat. For such a number, it is worth to pay tribute to every mother. The so-called cesarean section refers to the incision of the uterus through the abdominal incision to remove the fetus and its appendages of the obstetric surgery. Under what circumstances would we do that? When is the natural childbirth fetal maternal channels blocked, abnormal labor force, or with some serious medical illness and fetal abnormalities, an effective means to save maternal and neonatal life. First before surgery, we must match for women, in order to prevent the occurrence of intraoperative bleeding; and then clean the skin, to prevent postoperative infection; and also in the preoperative indwelling catheter, in order to prevent bladder injury during operation; finally, to do the mental nursing care of parturient, eliminate the tension and anxiety. Mood. Surgical anesthesia in the combined spinal epidural anesthesia, spinal anesthesia is what we usually say, in special circumstances will also use general anesthesia, anesthesia and the lateral decubitus position to maternal knees with his head down to the knee bent like a shrimp. Cesarean section is the most commonly used transverse incision in cesarean section, and in the case of emergency, it will be used in the classical cesarean section and straight incision. Everything depends on the circumstances. The doctor cut the uterus and the amniotic sac after discharge, amniotic fluid, his hands holding the baby’s head, another aide to the pressure at the bottom of the uterus fetus pushed down, when the fetus can be successfully delivered out, and then cut the umbilical cord, waiting for the delivery of the placenta after cleaning uterine cavity, suture of uterine incision and incision of abdominal wall layer until the end of surgery. So cesarean section really can be removed from the pain of childbirth? Today we see through my explanation of the uterine incision is not a small wound, and the uterus is surrounded by a large number of visceral blood vessels, bleeding in high risk; easy to cause adhesion and postoperative infection; we know that if the skin designated the hole will leave a scar, after uterine incision will leave scar, this is uterine scar, if pregnant again is likely to crack, especially now two-child policy release, many mothers have the opportunity to have a second child, if you are a uterine scar, the risks will increase. Therefore, the best maternal assessment from obstetricians, under conditions permitting, as far as possible the choice of natural childbirth, feel the great maternal love.相关的主题文章:

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