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Chen Yitian Tai Chi boy hot shot when the Sohu released the "shadow play Taiji entertainment kid kid" crew was busy filming, the actor award for Best Newcomer actor Chen Yitian, he played the role of big brother David day. The "shadow boy" is a set of youth, urban, inspirational, fantasy in one of the modern literary comedy, Tai Chi culture as the theme, involving health culture, tea culture, martial arts, fitness culture etc.. It is reported that in the shooting scene, I saw a handsome guy dressed in Tai Chi Tai Tai is the name of the master, although there is no master style, but from his look, enough to show that he has a strong interest in taijiquan. The handsome boy called Chen Yitian, Chen Yitian said, "Tai Chi boy," this drama, I am very interested in. Tai Chi culture is extensive and profound. Because of this drama, I can not only access to Tai Chi culture, but also to learn more about our traditional culture, for me is a learning process, but also a challenge." Third year poster starring Chen Yitian campus youth movie "third year" in September 6, 2016, Iqiyi and Sohu in the movie channel broadcast alone. "When" is a junior high school everyday show fragments of adolescent boys and girls in the face of friendship, academic, separated, with happy smiles tears sad memories of youth movies, drama to express respect teachers, respect for the old, all kinds of misunderstandings between people because of the contradictions caused by the change of drip out of the plot some argue the time students in school students are prone to the final solution, is a colorful youth campus drama education. Chen Yitian plays Zhang Leshui, love to see the empress imitate various social people, character is very funny, a super fan of the game, often played in the drama of various hip-hop, is the bursting point. The slogan "from one end to the other" is more likely to lead to a school life. Chen Yitian said that in fact is not love to play, because play funny than self have taken a lot of funny than, the villain, in the school play more hope to take to be a normal student, said acting funny than will be very ugly, but at the time of the original and the directors meeting after he hope to play the corner, because the comparison of color also need experienced actors, Chen Yitiancai finally agreed to play the role of Zhang Leshui.相关的主题文章:

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