China Insurance Regulatory Commission to put an end to the insurance intermediary fictitious debt –

CIRC insurance intermediary to eliminate debt — Chongqing — fiction channel yesterday, the reporter was informed that the CIRC insurance intermediary institutions must be clear not only of its own funds, also introduce capital managed mechanism and risk assessment mechanism to eliminate the potential risks, the insurance intermediary is not strictly fictional debt capital flight. The China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued "on the professional insurance intermediary business license work notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), set up agency funds must be shareholders of its own funds, funds and real legal, shall not use bank loans and other forms of non self funds. Insurance intermediary supervision department deputy inspector Cheung said that the new problems of intermediary market, such as some professional insurance intermediary institutions in short duration to sales of life insurance products, the scale of business growth is very fast, the risk factors of accumulation; some institutions are in a loss for many years, or funds are long-term occupation of Affiliated enterprises. Insurance funds associated enterprises occupied is not uncommon. In August this year, Hua Kai insurance will be exposed to 17 million yuan of funds into the pockets of affiliated enterprises. In order to guide the development of insurance intermediary compliance, the notice also on the increase in the demand for funds for professional intermediaries. The provisions of the insurance intermediary capital should be in large commercial banks or joint-stock commercial banks, such as the custodian of the experience of the bank custodian bank to open an escrow account, the registered capital will be deposited in the account. The trust fund shall not be used prior to obtaining the insurance intermediary business license. In the license, intermediaries and capital investment channels, such as large investment deposit agreement, deposit funds of not less than 10% of the registered capital, and shall not pledge; the purchase of real estate, spending a total of not more than 40% of the registered capital. "Notice" clearly, the registered capital shall not be fictitious debt and debt relations and other means of escape.相关的主题文章:

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