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From the father murdered girls: the murderer never apologize — original title: from the murdered girls father: the murderer never apologize Li Sida Li Sida Zhou Yunlu Chaoyang District boziwan sunshine home residence room murdered the victim Zhou Yunlu in August 9th last year, Communication University of China film students Zhou Yunlu missing, August 11th Beijing public security news release, the same day at the suspect Li Sida arrested after interrogation on August 9th, Li Sida attempted to kill the rape of Zhou Yunlu confessed to the crime. The murderer of the Department of Communication University of China, 2010, director of audio professional students, has graduated in 2014. Recently, Beijing people’s Procuratorate third branch to Li Sida suspected of intentional homicide prosecution to the court. In addition, the body of the identification of the spirit of Li Sida identification, identification results found that Li Sida no mental illness. Zhou Yunlu, the victim’s father to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, said the family did not apologize for the expression of the. Li Sida suspected of intentional homicide prosecution recently in Beijing City People’s Procuratorate third branch to Li Sida suspected of intentional homicide, the indictment to the court. During the period of Li Sida’s detention, his defender applied to the procuratorial organs for the judicial appraisal of mental illness in Li Sida. In August this year, has made the identification center of forensic psychiatry submissions, submissions that Lester no mental illness, the implementation of the violations, without the ability to identify and control the symptoms of mental disorders caused by accreditation bodies identified Lester have full criminal responsibility. Late last August 10th, a missing person crazy turn in WeChat, micro-blog and other social networking platforms. Lost contact with the girls for the Communication University of China 2014 film graduate student Zhou Yunlu, in addition, the school’s other boy, the director of the class 2010 audio graduate also missing at the same time, Li Sida. According to Zhou Yunlu said the students, Zhou Yunlu in "12:30 on August 9th to leave the dormitory boziwan filming, was only said to Li Sida from school and play not to cast, not overnight, also plans to go to Hebei and Zhuozhou to participate in the undergraduate students of the wedding." After that, Zhou Yunlu and Li Sida’s mobile phones are off, not contact. August 10th evening 23 points, the media university to the Chaoyang police alarm, said Zhou Yi missing. August 11th at 13 o’clock in the afternoon, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a bulletin, said Chaoyang police on the morning of August 11th, the suspect arrested in Inner Mongolia Hotel Li Sida. After interrogation, "Lester on August 9th Zhou Yunlu attempted to kill rape confessed to the crime." In the face of police interrogation, Wang said, is to find an innocent person, as a point of vent." Li Sida explained that in June 2015 he had to find a girl who seeks to stimulate the idea, then he had to find a college classmate Zhou Yunlu in the WeChat circle of friends know, Zhou Yunlu read a graduate student in the performance department, Li Sida lied to find Zhou Yunlu filming, and tell weeks Yunlu need test. Zhou Yunlu did not think much, and that this is a good opportunity for a summer internship, so in accordance with the requirements of Li Sida came to the residence of the city of Li Sida. In the room)相关的主题文章:

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