Chongqing good driver miles to send patients to Wuhan to undergo liver transplantation yuanjiao

Chongqing good driver: thousands of miles to send patients to Wuhan to undergo liver transplant surgery Cao Lei visit the patient for the map, master, can I go to Wuhan? Can you promise to arrive in Wuhan by 9 tomorrow morning?" The evening of October 24th, the network about car driver Cao Lei received a single special business: Escort urgent need for liver transplant patients. In order to safely escort patients, Cao Lei and colleagues thousands of miles, and a race against time, but also reduce the tolls for passengers. In Cao Lei seems, in the face of saving lives, money is not so important. Late night received a special order yesterday, the reporter contacted the Internet about the driver Cao Lei, 34 years old, he opened the car about two years. October 24th at 10, Cao Lei received from Chongqing Yuzhong District petroleum Road station to Wuhan University Zhongnan Hospital Internal Medicine Building orders. The tone is urgent, Cao Lei did not have time to look at the map should be a. However, when he saw the passengers, to understand the particularity of the business: the passenger is a urgent need of liver transplant patients must be second days before 9 in the morning arrived in Wuhan, not out of any accident intermediate. Originally, Ms. Cao’s husband suffered from severe liver failure, liver transplantation. 9:30 that evening, Ms. Cao received notice of liver source from Wuhan, she decided to take her on the night. However, when she heard that the cost of the package to go to Wuhan ambulance needs nearly 10 thousand yuan, the economy is not well-off ms.. Understand the situation, Cao Lei offered: sister, you do not have to go out of the road, leaving a big brother to help matters." Then he called his colleagues around the road. Late 11, the patient was picked up. At this point, the liver is 924 kilometers away from the patient. Race for life and time late at night, on the road, Cao Lei stepped on the accelerator. In order to catch the time, Cao Lei did not dare to drink water, not the toilet, craving when you pinch yourself. Due to the patient’s body empty chills, so the window can not be opened, air conditioning can not be opened, Cao Lei’s shirt was soon wet with sweat. Lichuan to Hubei, suddenly began to rain, Cao Lei is in front of the wall of fog visibility less than 5 meters. In order to ensure safety, he can only open the double flash, along the dotted line in the middle of the road, twenty or thirty kilometers per hour slowly. Cao Lei said that from the rearview mirror to see the patient’s family’s tears, truly feel have forced, "can not wait to have a sword split the mists, as far as possible to speed up the speed for the time". At this point, the liver is 589 kilometers away from the patient. Relief 1000 yuan tolls in October 25th, dawn fog scattered, after a night of Mercedes Benz, 8:52 in the morning, Cao Lei and his party arrived in Zhongnan Hospital, Wuhan University. Wearing a mask in patients with a hoarse voice choked on Cao Lei said: "thank you, master……" Looking at the doctor and his family together to push the patient into the operation room, Cao Lei and travel finally breathed a sigh of relief, it felt tired, but they did not choose to rest. The patient’s family to rush the luggage on the trunk, Cao Lei and travel will take the initiative to help carry the luggage, buy breakfast, looking for a hotel, after finishing all the things, until.相关的主题文章:

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