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Daqing rental market business fire hard to find a car during the National Day National Day holiday soon, Daqing city car rental market has already started agitation. Self driving tour and personalized tourism become the public pursuit way to travel, car driving, no car rental, footloose and fancy free travel ideas, promoting the car rental market. Reporter learned from the day before, many consumers have booked a month in advance, now prices generally rose, the supply of cars has been booked half. The industry to remind consumers, do not forget the car check the safety of the car body and the purchase of insurance, to ensure that consumption, safe travel. Many people in the car ahead of January September 27th, a car rental company in Ranghulu District, Mr. Wang is busy with matters related to ask the national car rental. Mr. Wang told reporters: "it is not easy to look forward to the national day, the family finally had the opportunity to go out to play together. My family has a car, but considering that this is a family trip, the trip is far away, so I would like to see if there is a little more comfortable car." Mr. Sun is also busy these days, car rental, he said: "I have a few friends to come over the holidays, the route I have to play well, so I would like to rent a MPV, convenient to take them around." There are so many people who rent cars, and some of them have already been rented!" Because many people head or Mr. He didn’t rent in advance to MPV, the final choice of a SUV. A staff member of a large car rental company, I told reporters that the National Day holiday to go out to play, but also many married people, a substantial increase in demand for rental, more than doubled, some people began more than a month ahead of qiangding. 37 year old Wang Qiang, who has a rich experience in driving experience, he told reporters, for self driving tour, the driving force is the most important factors need to be considered. Especially for eleven such a festive atmosphere. Travel for family and friends to go on a trip, the capacity of space plus off-road features, contributed to the SUV, MPV continued to heat. Reporters from a number of car rental companies, I learned that some small cars known as rugged durability, low rent the basic reserved space, comfort, some good some large SUV and MPV are very popular, and now want to rent has not been easy. According to reports, this year’s National Day holiday SUV and high-class cars of the most sought after, Highlander, Jetta, Regal, Skoda accord, Octavia models, in some stores have near rent, GL8 and Honda Odyssey and MPV models, it is favored by the users, some stores stock tension phenomenon. Car rental prices generally rise in the car rental market unpopular, resulting in a certain increase in rental prices. Reporters in a car rental company, half a month ago, the average daily rental price of 130 yuan to 170 yuan in the Volkswagen Bora, the average rent National Day period rose to 280 yuan; Buick Excelle is from 100 yuan to 120 yuan a day, rose to 230 yuan a day. The reporter then visited a number of car rental companies in the city, the company found that the National Day holiday car.相关的主题文章:

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