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Daxing airport resettlement housing on 2018 in Daxing District yesterday, the relevant responsible person said, the new airport resettlement housing project completed in 2018 admitted to the end of this year, housing blocks in the construction of the main structure of the basic realization of cap. According to the relevant person in charge of Daxing District, the new airport in Beijing is a national key project, located in Daxing District yufazhen, Rhenish Town, Daxing District demolition involves 33 villages, including the demolition of the village of 13, involving the demolition of more than 20 thousand people. Daxing District 42 days to complete the demolition resettlement, the use of the airport to protect the land of more than 40 thousand acres, there has been no petition incident, there is no one stranded households. In the housing planning site, Daxing District respect the wishes of the villagers, in yufazhen, Rhenish town planning residential group. Resettlement housing at the end of last year, plans to be completed in 2018 settled. In residential planning and design, adhere to the quality of commercial housing, resettlement housing prices, modern facilities. By the end of this year, housing blocks in the construction of the main structure of the basic realization of cap. Resettlement housing in the construction process to consider the local characteristics, such as the establishment of agricultural vehicles parking spaces, etc.. Daxing District, according to the relocation of the students enrolled in the village, to take the triage policy to ensure that the two villages in the vicinity of the school to 72 students. Daxing District has also proposed a three year plan for the development of the surrounding airport, screening out of the more than and 100 projects, next year to achieve results. Currently, these projects are in the construction and planning of this year, more than and 40 projects have been started construction. "In the past are not in place of the main infrastructure filled, including rural neighborhood Road, energy-saving, toilets, roads, bridges and electric hot water gradually improved. How to build a clean and honest government in the process of construction and demolition of the new airport? Relevant responsible person said, Daxing District airport cadres involved in the construction of the introduction of eight are not allowed, the report of the policy of three, cadres have signed a letter of commitment. At the same time in the project bidding process, in which the use of funds to play a role in the mechanism to avoid personal say, to avoid a few people say. The village has also set up a leading group of democratic supervision, composed of village cadres and representatives of the masses of the party members, to ensure maximum openness and transparency of the process.相关的主题文章:

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