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Dazhou old generation raising abandoned children 13 years taught Math for its counseling (Figure) in September 22nd, Rong Fanghua old man is reading the novel written by her granddaughter, Wen Wen hope that their work can be published, earn money to alleviate pressure grandma a hidden secret for 13 years, in August this year, Rong Fanghua broke the calm in the house. Worried and helpless, plagued the 73 year old. 13 years ago, Rong Fanghua raised a generation of abandoned babies, children currently have middle school. The first half of this year, Rong Fanghua in a number of syncope after check to the hospital, was diagnosed with the disease, Meniere’s syndrome, "more and more, need money, I also worry that one day unfortunately left this world." Let her worry is not only the condition of the child after school increased learning, living expenses, but also let her feel the pressure. For this child, Rong Fanghua paid a lot, even in order to guide the doll’s math, 73 years old, she also taught mathematics. Today, the sick and the economic pressure, so that the elderly to find the Chengdu Daily reporter: who can help the child, and I together to help the baby to complete their studies, to the community?" When the child was abandoned twice, she will be back to the old home, I hope someone can help my granddaughter, she is my generation." When it comes to granddaughter, Rong Fanghua tears came out. She was 13 years ago this was born 1 months old baby hold back home, raising so far, two people have is commensurate with the Po sun. The old Rong Fanghua introduced, in 2003, she was living in Dazhou (micro-blog) home, July afternoon, she and an acquaintance in Dazhou Tongchuan District hospital door chat, met an old woman, "she said to the toilet, please help us hold the hands of the baby." Two hours later, the old lady back into the toilet, Rong Fanghua, who has not seen, she opened the baby tightly wrapped in the quilt, I found a note in his underwear, both sides of written text. 13 years as a moment, when chatting with acquaintances and Rong Fanghua has lost contact. However, she took out a copy of the piece of paper to reporters confirmed that the note reads: girls at 12 noon on May 27, 2003…… I can not support a small woman in life, please be sure to raise a good hearted adults. The note on the back of a paragraph is: on the morning of May 29th at about 6 in the Phoenix exercise, passing this see a baby girl crying…… I can not support, please kindly adoption. According to the contents of the paper, Rong Fanghua was informed that the hands of the baby was born more than a month, has twice been abandoned. The same day, she put the child back home, found the bag piece child head has swollen, will take the children to the hospital for second days, the children diagnosed with a fractured skull. Rong Fanghua reported the matter to the police station, and inform the Bureau of civil affairs. As a result, the local orphanage has no conditions to raise the newborn baby, "to tell the truth, I was also difficult, want to put the child out, but the Civil Affairs Bureau to me to do the work, call me to take the child home to raise." Chengdu Daily reporter in two copies of the cover copy seal pieces of material to see that the local office of Civil Affairs Bureau and the name of Rong Fanghua street, to raise the child returned home, named "Wen Wen", and solve the problem of the family. Love to help her granddaughter to check their own math homework 13 years ago, Rong Fanghua, aged 60相关的主题文章:

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