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Chaigai coal-fired boiler, can not afford to drag (said) – Inner Mongolia – North Channel into the winter heating season, if the boiler laissez faire environmental standards of black smoke, around the pollution reduction target could lose control recently reported that Liaoning province this year, coal-fired boiler demolition tasks was completed in 70%, and the remaining some tasks are hard nut bones". To quickly enter the fourth quarter, really a lot of pollution areas similar to the "hard bone".   coal-fired boiler environmental protection is not achieved, is one of the main sources of air pollution, especially in the northern region into the winter heating season, if letting this boiler smoke around the pollution prevention and control objectives might fall. Therefore, the "air ten" and "air pollution prevention action plan" put forward a comprehensive remediation small coal-fired boilers, to 2017, in addition to the need to retain the level and above city built-up area basically eliminated 10 tons of steam per hour and a ban on new coal-fired boilers, 20 tons of steam per hour coal-fired boilers. Seeing this winter heating season approaching, more than one coal-fired boiler not eliminated, the blue sky and white clouds, hold less points. However, this "bone" does not seem to bite. Between departments in some areas of poor convergence, alternative energy to keep up with the implementation of preferential policies are not in place, some enterprises are not willing to undertake the demolition after the change with the cost of clean energy, can drag on, everywhere even thanks to find someone to intercede. In the final analysis, or to change the urgency of the reform of coal-fired boilers is not enough, in order to develop or to environmental problems before the choice. How to face the root bones? Government regulation is important to inverted schedule, clear Chaigai schedule and list of responsibilities, the various links and the relevant departments to fully cooperate with, not because of dereliction of duty of any party to affect the overall situation of progress, or be accountable. For more than a time node is still not complete Chaigai enterprises, but also according to the law of environmental protection "daily penalty" provisions should be severely punished. Of course, in the long run, gas, electricity and other alternative energy to fill in time. Demolition is not a demolition thing, after the demolition of how to do, the actual needs of enterprises and the masses must be taken into account, which is related to the success or failure of coal-fired boiler is the key, otherwise it becomes a mere formality. According to May this year, eight departments jointly issued the "guiding opinions on promoting" alternative energy, the local government can according to their actual situation, through incentives, subsidies and other ways to meet the conditions of the alternative energy project support. If the implementation of this policy, it can avoid the coal-fired boiler "a stirring among the dry bones.". "People’s Daily" (09 2016 30 August 12 Edition) (commissioning editor Liu Ze and Ceng Xiaoqiang)相关的主题文章:

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