Eleven golden week the international gold price dropping to the lowest level in nearly 4 months, Jia www.yofoto.cn

"Eleven" golden week the international gold price dropping to the lowest level in nearly 4 months — Jiangxi — people.com.cn channel during the National Day golden week, the international price of gold plummeted over the past few days, the probe to nearly 4 month low. Expert analysis, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates in the next two months Le gold rope. New York Mercantile Exchange gold futures market, the most active in December gold futures fell 43 U.S. dollars on the previous day, $4, to close at $1269.7 an ounce, down by more than 3.28%, the biggest decline in more than two years, the largest single day. International gold prices over the past 10 days stumble endlessly". After the "bloody" market, 5 gold market expansion technique of long resistance market, the price of gold rebounded to above $1270 an ounce. Zhu Zhigang, vice president of Guangdong Gold Association, chief analyst, said the current international gold price fluctuations is the biggest negative expectations of the Fed’s rate hike. Fed officials recently published a series of interest rate hike hawkish remarks, said the rate hike is ripe, the market for the fed to raise interest rates during the year is expected to continue to heat up, which helped the dollar index refresh over two to 96.31 week high, to suppress the price of gold. And some bears took the opportunity to force, but also an important cause of the crash 4. Zhu Zhigang believes that "eleven" golden week during the Chinese gold market closed, so that the international price of gold to lose important bull power. Investors need to focus on China gold market after the opening performance, if the international price of gold is still unable to rebound to more than $1300 an ounce, the gold is not optimistic. (reporter Fu Hang) (commissioning editor Mao Siyuan and Qiu Ye)相关的主题文章:

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