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Ella husband late night show loving baby photos very eye-catching wall B – Sohu entertainment Ella husband show loving   Ella on the wall Baby B according to   Sohu; entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Ella (Ella Chen) and her husband Rice Xiang married for four years, last month announced the happy pregnancy, Ella days before the song "footloose" that goes with her baby as active, vitality, so we took the nickname as "Jin Bao", 19 am Rice Xiang once again show affection, share Ella for him to cook photos, did not expect the sharp eyed users actually see on the wall by unpublished photos, shouted: "I am not see Jin Bao photos!" Ella show last month pregnancy test photos, that is three months pregnant, but the baby’s gender, Ella who is said to wait a few months later confirmed, but the boy has always been a great possibility, and often Shaien love Rice Cheung, share two people to have dinner earlier in the photo, a Ella cutting picture the side wall, sharp eyed fans found there were more than a B as happy, said: "thank you, then I fed dog food, like on the wall we see Jin Bao", "baby at this with a good warm".   相关的主题文章:

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