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"3" in front flavor delicacy for the family cooking family handed development new skills – Sohu, Nicholas Tse entertainment   Sandra Ng, Li Ronghao Sohu entertainment news by Zhejiang TV movie "class delicacy variety twelve Feng taste 3" on Saturday night in Zhejiang satellite TV broadcast, Sandra Ng Li Ronghao have to admit in the home "Chef", in order to give the family to do dishes, they can not only skilled in cooking Home Dishes, but always not forget to develop new culinary skills, deep affection taste let users call "want to learn how to cook!" Sandra Ng Li Ronghao is a "home chef" for the development of family cooking skills many netizens say "" show "front flavor can always see the star is not the same side." This is true. In Saturday’s show, Li Ronghao will show cooking amazing people, dishes to eat chicken rice Feng chefs praise, also let Nicholas Tse wobble skills marvel. Asked why so cooking, Li Ronghao said he had to start from junior high school family cooking habits, not just satisfied with Home Dishes he still learn to cook "in Beijing when little, I try to go home to cook, eat out what to eat, to study what to do." Love for the family is in the air. The same as Sandra Ng. She is not careless appearance and those who are good at cooking, but before the program group exposed her discussion of scenes in the Guangdong dishes are off the reel the audience could not help but curious. In the show, she admits that she is now starting to take care of her daughter in Losangeles. To let her "early adopters" she always forget get new skills, when Nicholas Tse led a bite of Taihu famous "thousand package", Sandra Ng immediately said excitedly: "this can do for my daughter to eat!" And follow the teacher to learn, show tender loving heart. Not only for the family cooking, but also strive to enhance the cooking for the family to do good dishes, these warm heart of the other side of the star also let users sigh. Try new Nicholas Tse Feng taste conquer Gourmet Hot friends: for the family to do a good dish, Sandra Ng Li Ronghao did not forget that get new cooking skills, Nicholas Tse naturally reach the peak of perfection. In the program, he will be back from Taihu Taihu flavor and pasta fusion, with this "Chinese and Western" front dishes conquered restaurant in front of gourmet, one more gourmet pasta praising many Chinese not accustomed to eating, but this dish is very palatable!" In fact, Nicholas Tse each program will bring new dishes they conceived, never content to repeat the traditional dishes. He had to spend 16 hours a day in the kitchen in order to learn how to cook. So, who is his daily delicacies are tasted? In the show, Sandra Ng asked the audience questions. Nicholas Tse slightly shy to say, ah, my family, friends, warm men look attracted countless fans envy. Nicholas Tse, Sandra Ng, Li Ronghao as "family home chef" to make a lot of friends praising the "warm heart", but the most touching them or to a piece of mind to improve family cooking, cooking get new skills..相关的主题文章:

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