Guidance service center was established in 0-3 years old infants will have guidance materials vstart

Guidance service center was established in 0-3 years old infants will have the guidance materials yesterday, Shanghai City Service Center was formally established in the early education and instruction. To guide the parents of infants and young children to establish a correct and scientific view of parenting, avoid excessive tendency of early education and training. City Board of education official pointed out that children’s education, especially early education, can not be replaced by training institutions, educational software. The correct family education and parents accompany the development of physical and mental health of infants aged 0-3 years is particularly important. "13th Five-Year" period, the main task of the Shanghai Municipal Service Center for early education and instruction in the following aspects: the development and implementation of Shanghai City 0-3 infant education standardization management advice, construction of network education guidance management mechanism and service early in Shanghai City, to promote the standardization of Shanghai City 0-3 years early education guidance; guidance set up a street in the town of three-dimensional early education service network, promote Shanghai city early education service system construction; make full use of the "Internet plus preschool education, innovation mode and method, research the" Shanghai early education curriculum guide "," early education materials "and" Shanghai early education scientific Parenting resource package "early education resources; development of network training courses early education guidance, the implementation of the" early education trainee teachers Standardized training, to carry out a variety of forms, in line with the diverse needs of early education guidance team to enhance the ability to train. Study, study, parenting, workplace…… More education information > > > Shen Shen education account for children in Shanghai to go to school, college entrance examination conditions list 2016 the latest version of the Shanghai school district housing and household registration of all the questions, the answer is here! Shanghai district (municipal key high school experimental high school) in Shanghai in 2016 the first volunteer list only recruit students of private schools in Shanghai district public primary school and junior high school enrollment to announce the scope of broadcast to Tencent micro-blog in Shanghai school to sweep me ~ reply young liter small, small rise early to get: reply to "senior high school entrance examination entrance Raiders" and "college entrance examination": to understand the latest information on the left side of the two-dimensional code scanning, Dashen WeChat: Shanghai Raiders entrance education相关的主题文章:

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