Guo Donglin and Feng Gong are on the Spring Festival Gala users this year and his wife

Guo Donglin and Feng Gong are on the Spring Festival Gala users: this year and his wife? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: Guo Donglin Feng Gong Cai Ming on the show is ready to work the framework of Feng Gong Guo Donglin Washington (Chinese morning news reporter Guan Shuliu) CCTV Spring Festival Gala chicken into the intensive preparatory period, in the language class program after the end of the second trial, the director group recently have been identified, in addition to telecast hall, will set up a spring festival venue in the other four city however, the venue is scheduled for Harbin in Northeast china. In 2015 the year of the monkey spring festival, in addition to the CCTV studio hall, the other four venues were set up in Quanzhou, Xi’an, Shenzhen, Hulun Buir, on New Year’s Eve and the main venue of the program remoteshine. Chicken Spring Festival, the director group will continue this program interactive mode, and finally established the "4 branch field +1 the main venue of the" party mode, the current director of the group selected for the city, with "Snow" as the representative of Harbin, to "fire" as the representative of Xichang, on the "natural landscape" as the representative the Guilin and the "international metropolis" in Shanghai. Four city with different characteristics and the main venue of vicenza. Harbin branch of the field, will be snow as the main feature, yesterday, the reporter contacted the local media in Harbin, the other said the Spring Festival Evening Gala is likely to complete the recording in the world of ice and snow. In addition to the main venue, the audience familiar faces in the language class program this year is still in preparation, but Jiang Kun will partner Dai Zhicheng 30 years ago of the classic comic "escaped" re editing, Guo Donglin, Feng Gong, Cai Ming [micro-blog] has delineated the basic framework of the program. And this walk in various comedy variety show comedy entertainers such as happy twist team, but also for the next review of the program for a new round of improvement program. More exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章:

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