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Harlem Yu personally led the guidance Liu Meilin interpretation of India version of "dazzle most folk style" Harlem Yu "teaching" the greatest hero in the world this week will usher in the finals before the final battle, in order to win the last song melody, captains also did not relax, Harlem Yu is also resorted to "trump card", led by Liu Lin Mei interpretation of "dazzle most folk style". Before the show, because the other three captain song has been the team even cover, "little apple" have been adapted to the stage, the legendary Phoenix work has not yet appeared, let the Bell once regret: "have you considered my innermost feelings? This stage was not so much divine our first?" At that time, Harlem Yu also said: "you are the Divine Comedy ah, is already at the top of the altar, inviolable, if not sure can’t change." The decision to adapt the most dazzling national wind, it seems that Harlem Yu has been fully grasp. In order not to bear the Divine Comedy, this adaptation of Harlem Yu is also a lot of thought, "want to change this song is not a recent thing, but to do this one, everyone, everyone can sing songs for having heard it many times, is a big problem." But at the Harlem Yu adaptation of the teacher can not be beat, and eventually Harlem Yu teacher brain hole wide open, decided to "dazzle most folk style" and "Bollywood songs" with the bride is not me, will be "the most gorgeous folk style" adapted with thick India style EDM . Not only in the arrangement struggled in the program group, the exposure of the video, Harlem Yu teacher is Liu Meilin personally guided practice, although the video shows only a short period, but it’s full of deep India style "dazzle most folk style" Liu Meilin’s ethereal voice indeed collocation flavor, Harlem Yu teacher looks be in good mood, is satisfied with the first of his works. Whether this week Liu Meilin with full "curry" "dazzle most folk style" won "the greatest hero in the world" the final song melody? Phoenix legend for this adaptation will have what kind of view? Please look forward to Sunday 20:30 Jiangsu TV "the greatest hero in the world".相关的主题文章:

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