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Hebei: 8 patrol party organization rectification announced – Hebei Channel – people.com.cn original title: the eight session of the tenth round of inspections of 8 provincial patrol party organization rectification announced in September 30th, the Hebei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website announced the provincial civil air defense office party, Provincial Academy of Sciences, the provincial women’s Federation party party Literary Federation party, and Fuping Quyang county Party committee, county Party committee, provincial Party Industrial and Commercial Bureau, provincial health and Family Planning Commission party rectification etc.. Provincial Civil Air Defense party to seriously study and understand the inspection feedback request, convened Party (enlarged) meeting to study the deployment of rectification work, formulated the implementation of patrol feedback rectification scheme, combed 10 kinds of problems of the 4 aspects, to determine the 27 corrective matters, 64 specific measures, a clear responsibility of leadership, responsible units and the completion time. The establishment of the rectification, rectification work ledger, the implementation of itemized inspection rectification pin number management system. Party adhere to start from their own, above the rate, the implementation of each Monday summary, a half a month of supervision, establish and improve the 28 rules and regulations to ensure the effectiveness of the rectification system to provide compliance and rigid constraints. According to the provincial inspection group transfer problem, given party discipline 1 people, admonishing conversation 2. Provincial Academy of Sciences of the rectification of the tour content by combing, pull out the list of responsibilities, establish corrective ledger; establish a liaison system, regularly report the rectification progress; formulate inspection rectification task, clear rectification goals, task completion time, specific measures and responsibilities. The rectification, formulate corrective measures 24, improve and perfect the system of 17, transfer, audit and inspection on the problem of self discovery, the recovery of funds of 1 million 117 thousand yuan, the state treasury funds 602 thousand and 900 yuan, 483 thousand yuan to pay the tax, the adjustment does not regulate the use of funds accounts 5 million 274 thousand and 800 yuan. According to the provincial inspection group transferred clues, given party discipline 5 people, organizations dealing with 3 people. The provincial women’s Federation Party attaches great importance to the implementation of the rectification as an important political task, and play the party the main responsibility in the rectification of the party secretary and the first responsibility responsibility, party secretary presided over the meeting the pressure actuated party repeatedly on the implementation of the rectification. The provincial inspection group feedback problem is divided into 4 major categories of 16 problems, establish corrective ledger, itemized inventory, item analysis, itemized filing, itemized implement rectification pin number, periodic report system, every two weeks to convene a meeting to listen to the progress of research on promoting measures. Commissioned by the accounting firm accounts of the Federation of organs and units directly under the 3, 2 clubs since 2012 of the internal audit. Patrol rectification, accountability 3 grass-roots party organization, give 1 level cadres disciplinary action, 3 people, 4 people criticized the written examination, 1 people 1 people informed criticism, admonishing conversation. Literary Federation Party attaches great importance to the inspection rectification work, set up the rectification work leading group and office, party a clear division of labor, the implementation of a pair of". Set up a special investigation team on the feedback issues one by one investigation, to tease out the 3 aspects of the 10 categories of 21 specific problems. The rectification, according to the feedback of the problem, combined with the actual development and improvement of the Provincial Federation of "party meeting rules" "major)相关的主题文章:

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