Hebei Guan real estate in Beijing in response to five cards are not crazy sale suspected new network nibbuns

Hebei Guan real estate in Beijing in response to five cards are not crazy sale: suspected new network fraud – for JINGWAH Times reported Hebei Guan a five cards are not real estate in Beijing. The sale, reporters yesterday from Guan County propaganda department was informed that the selling party suspected of fraud, the police have been involved in the investigation. Point of sale has been closed before JINGWAH Times reported yesterday, the sales office is located in Beijing Daxing Jiayue Plaza Building 6, room 602, sales staff said, from August 21st to September 10th, the real estate has been sold more than and 300 sets, they have got wuliuqianwan yuan, and clearly referred to any documents and no real estate pre-sale of the project required. The day before yesterday morning, the sales offices of the glass door has been locked, affixed to the top of the paper, said Monday, two rest, but not to open the door until yesterday morning. According to Jia Yue square property, room 602 in the normal work at 8:30 on Monday morning at 9:43, the staff all of a sudden withdrawal, and notice on the glass door labeled "Monday, two rest". According to the property records, the room staff in August 10th had to be moved in any real estate model, and not in the property business for the record, the table or a company to stay ", the property staff, the room owners in August last year, the housing will be leased to a company," the sales should be sublet over". Yesterday morning, Xihongmen Daxing Branch Trade and industry industrial and commercial staff also rushed to the scene investigation, but in view of the door closed, no staff, the room is suspected of illegal business still need further investigation and verification. – the official response to the sales behavior of suspected fraud yesterday, Guan County Propaganda Department said in an interview with reporters, the matter by the JINGWAH Times reported, Guan county government attaches great importance to quickly convene the relevant departments held a special meeting. After investigation, the report relates to Langfang TAIDING Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. in Daxing District set up the sales behavior has been suspected of fraud. Guan official sent to reporters reply said, Langfang TAIDING Real Estate Development Company Limited established food garden sales offices in Beijing, foreign sales of the alleged fraud, the majority of people do not blindly buy, have to pay subscription of the public as soon as possible to the local public security department report. At present, Guan county has instructed the Public Security Bureau and the Daxing police actively contact and advise the public security departments in accordance with the working principle of Daxing incidence investigation investigation. At the same time, Guan County Housing Authority issued an emergency notice, requiring the county to do a good job of self-examination of the real estate business, and the establishment of the steering group of the county real estate companies to conduct inspections to further regulate the real estate market. "Has been in contact with the Daxing police," Guan County Propaganda Department staff. The demolition is still at the signing stage according to the relevant departments, the home field of urban village transformation is the operation of Guan county urban renewal project, Hebei Xiang Ma in July 2014 the company obtained the qualification of the project development subject. The village a total of 127, covers an area of 85700 square meters. Over the past two years, more than and 80 villagers have signed a relocation compensation agreement, there are more than 40 households did not sign the demolition agreement with the villagers. Current Valley相关的主题文章:

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