Hunan radio and television luggage is always filled with responsibility and mission —

Hunan radio and television: luggage is always filled with responsibility and mission — entertainment channel — original title: Hunan radio and television: luggage is always filled with responsibility and mission of 29 August to August 14th, Hunan radio and television by TV channel launched a "two do" as the theme of knowledge competition program "Study hard –" two a "television quiz", caused strong repercussions in the community. In August 4th, the State Administration of press and publication 149 "watch and listen to the daily" special article to be sure, think this program through the knowledge contest game form, to create a strong "two learn a" learning atmosphere, stimulate the learning enthusiasm of the broad masses of Party members, to softly effect, salutary influence of education. Responsible for program production deputy director of Hunan province Zhang Hongwei said: "before learning the party constitution of party rules, is to send a book to you to do the test. This competition is more flexible and intuitive, and ultimately achieve competition to promote science, to learn and promote the unity of knowledge to do." Novelty, change, do not take the unusual way, Hunan radio and television every "mango" and the pursuit of the mission. In the background of the new era, around the central task, adhere to positive propaganda, spreading positive energy, sing the main melody, every one is "mango" responsibility and mission. (Wu Yaxiong, commissioning editor Li Yan) original title: Hunan radio and television: luggage is always filled with both the responsibility and mission of innovation and mission oriented Jinbuhuan at the beginning of August, Hunan radio and television "2015 social responsibility report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report") fresh. The "report" shows 2015 Hunan TV achieved fruitful results, between the lines is a record of "mango" pride, capture is "mango" style. "More than ten years, one can make some noise, mango won some praise, that we in the gene sequence of mango is some" curiosity "factor. It is diligently strive after more than ten years, we stand in the door in the traditional media, constantly probe looked at the outside world, constantly innovate, self breakthrough results." Hunan radio and television director Lv Huanbin, Secretary of the Party committee in the "report" says, "mango" as do. In 2016, following the "county compound" "good" "absolute loyalty" Hunan, Hunan satellite TV, "Hunan news network" program — and then pushing heavy "salute heroes — to meet Li Lei, and Yang Shupeng go home", the broadcast by various ways, not only the host connection, guest commentary, also interspersed with a lot of background and hero family interview, let two peacekeeping heroes become plump and lively, infected countless audience; Hunan TV "midday news" launched the "scan poverty" column, precise focus of poverty village, actively promote agricultural products, establish the typical entrepreneurial wealth, by farmers welcome; Hunan TV’s cultural etiquette public program "Chinese civilization beauty", each lasting 8 minutes, vivid about Chinese traditional culture and traditional customs etiquette, knowledge of, Interesting set in one…… Insist on the news stand, focusing on political and economic affairs, "mango" bright)相关的主题文章:

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