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"In July and she": the story of " and "   inversion inversion;; Peter Chan on the box office with confidence – Culture – original title: Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun exposed, hold, nice! "In July and she" to see the film in August 30th, the movie "in July and she" was held in Beijing in advance will see the film director Derek Tsang. And producer Peter Chan also after watching film debut received from the national reporters interview. The film adaptation of the Qing Shan (baby Anne) 1997 novel of the same name, in order to "down to earth", the film of the novel’s plot to make snap adaptations, can be said to be the ending as "Paris tower and reverse reverse", but retained the original novel temperament, it has also been adapted to celebrate I recognized the mountain. The "reverse turn", the audience falls "in July and she" is the masterpiece of Qing Shan, in the novel published after nearly twenty years, although they have been adapted for the stage, the big screen, the biggest adaptation is the end of the film, can be said to be almost reversed reversal. Producer Peter Chan said, the young audience not only understand and love is such a reversal: "Derek Tsang (director) they have been very high in July and the concept of" peaceful exchange life ", I think in a commercial film which is impossible, because to put this concept into an implementation of the plot, is a things fit, no one’s life is like this. So I’m very reserved for this. Results in the theater put two, please 80, 90 after the audience, do a survey, did not expect the audience to pay the bill, and very like." Double sister label show surprises, with rare in the film played in July was once in the "left ear" in "Li." Ma Sichun, but she is playing with "the Hawthorn Tree" in a corner of the famous Dongyu Zhou static autumn. The role of the two people and the previous completely different, so that the audience has a bright feeling. Peter Chan is also very satisfied with the performance of the two. "The two actors are not very expensive but very. In fact, not an actor will not play, you will not choose. You picked the right, and she’ll do it. I directed the film scene will often change the script, because I saw the actors on the shiny things, feel very good, they kept changing the script, the place where she shines into the role of. The play is the same, so that you can see a different Dongyu Zhou. Dongyu Zhou on behalf of my particular curiosity after 90, her values, aesthetic, I feel very strange. But I will always encourage her to let go, love why. And because you have such an interesting Dongyu Zhou, you will need a Ma Sichun – Hold. No matter how Dongyu Zhou play how exposed, Ma Sichun can hold, so with the two men very rare." The same field added to the box office Peter Chan confidence "in July and she" released in September 14th, as a female movie, is now the market is hot, but producer Peter Chan on the box office is still very confident. "After all, this piece is not very expensive movie, we do not try to take the nouveau riche. So we also相关的主题文章:

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