In the village of Shanxi discovered the mysterious Guyaju ruins group

In the village of Shanxi discovered the mysterious Guyaju ruins the original title: the county village of river of Zezhou discovered a mysterious "Guyaju ruins group" recently, a mysterious cliff in the unknown in the accident site in the tour pal town of Zezhou County in the village of river willow hinterland is found deep exploration, causing social concern. Zezhou County village of river of East Malang mountain, west of Linglongshan, South Slope gold kiln, nine North Sendai, the newly discovered Guyaju ruins group is located in the valley. On the basis of a natural barrier, an exquisite scenery, the blackbird fly to the vast precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, hides more than and 20 little-known natural cliff in the community. With the tour pal visit, these natural Guyaju gradually in recent years in the world with their face. Where was the local people called "a hole of eighteen yuan of the site, the reporter saw a large, deep natural stone from the top of the cliff Wu ran out, with a total length of 100 meters, forming a huge roof, for people to hide the rain. The cliff on the platform, the number of road collapse wall separated the size of more than and 10 different space. In the village 84 year old villager Hao Minghai memories, this has a history of over eighteen in the cave house, they act almost self-sufficient, mysterious, dealing with the outside world. After 1943, this group of people who do not know the cliff. These people left into the cliff dwellings of the "house", in addition to the walls of the empty, people in this life traces had been not found, only the cliffs above black rock caused by fireworks smoke confirmed that they had existed. How do people live in education? Do they have words? Sick how to seek medical treatment? How do they get water? And so on, has become a mystery to be left to future generations. And in this area of the valley, there are more than and 20 similar ruins community, waiting for people to find one by one. "Ya Ju" is an ancient human use of natural rock shelters for the roof, for a fixed place to thrive, is the masterpiece of ancient human wisdom. As early as the end of the last century in 80s, in the distance from the village of cliff ruins site group of about 50 km of the tower water river village, it was found that about 26 thousand years ago, the ancient ruins of the ancient ruins of the tower river. The two site is also located in the Malang mountains, is the ancient nomadic tribes in the series of building settlement chain in Jincheng? As early as 2009, the city site investigation team captain Pei Chishan gave the answer: through the ancient ruins of the river in the river to collect more than 30 pieces of stone, it is speculated that there are ancient Paleolithic activities. With the development of the tourism industry today, the poor village river also created a "cliff dwelling on the tourism products, to attract more tourists to the sightseeing city. Author: Wu Xilian source: Daily Taihang相关的主题文章:

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