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The first iPhone7 data report: Harbin people love the 32G in September 16th, apple iPhone 7 Plus in China officially on sale, apple continued supply sales heat. Jingdong big data show that Harbin people like 32G, 80 male users to become the main purchase. Comparison of iPhone behavior data 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, the user first, immediately use the new mobile phone iPhone 7 Plus in the first day of the visit of the Jingdong users increased significantly, more and more fruit powder to Jingdong APP as a necessary application routine. Jingdong iPhone 7 Plus first day of the morning, 8:00-10:00 became the peak time to buy. Driven by iPhone 7 Plus hot, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone sales of Plus also rose sharply in, an increase of more than 4 times the number of 15. It is not difficult to find that many users are more concerned about the apple brand, while the price is more sensitive. The people of Harbin love 32G iPhone 7 according to the Jingdong big data show that in the mobile phone memory, regional user needs are quite different, the most love 32G version of the TOP5 city are: Wuxi City, Shenzhen City, Harbin City, Changsha City, Weifang city; the most love 128G version of the city are: Ningbo city TOP5 Hangzhou City, Zhengzhou City, Hefei City, Shanghai city; the most love 256G version of the TOP5 city are: Beijing City, Guangzhou City, Shanghai City, Chongqing City, Zhengzhou city. Love iPhone7 Plus TOP city are Shaoxing City, Wuxi City, Jiaxing City, Shanghai City, Beijing City, Wenzhou City, Hangzhou City, Nanjing City, Ningbo City, Suzhou City, more than 16 mobile phone sales accounted for the highest Plus iPhone 7. Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, the most enthusiastic consumers to become the first day of the iPhone 7 Plus sales leading provinces. In addition, iPhone7 7Plus sales in a second tier cities ahead, three to six lines of urban sales decline. 80 users buy more beats headset sales turn over two times from the user’s age, the purchase of the first iPhone 7 Plus users tend to be younger, most users to buy 80, 90 user purchases also accounted for more than 20%. From the user’s gender point of view, the proportion of male users and female users is about 4:1, higher than the total level of Jingdong mall, which may also have no money to give the other half to send surprises male users. The first day of the best selling mobile phone accessories category TOP3: mobile phone shell, mobile phone film, data line, beats headset sales volume is 2 times 15 days, has become the biggest bright spot. The fastest one single user 10 minutes to collect goods Jingdong mall in order to allow many users in the fastest time to get the iPhone 7 phone, from the beginning of the morning of 16, to Beijing, on.相关的主题文章:

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