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"Jiangcheng police" community police Lin Shen Yang Shuo jointly focus on Sina entertainment news by the Ministry of public security shield Television Cultural Center, Shanghai shadow ball Culture Co., Beijing golden world film culture Limited by Share Ltd, Yangzhou City Public Security Bureau Director, the famous director Liu Guang, Lin Shen, Yang Shuo [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Zhang Jianing, [micro-blog], Jiang Xiaohan, Wei Jian Luyao Wang, Li Mingqi, [micro-blog], Qingzhuo, Shi Liang, Kent Yip [micro-blog] Qian Xiaoyun and other famous actors starring the Metropolitan Police comedy "Jiangcheng police" warmth has completed post production. The show for the first time focused on the metropolitan community police, about the police Yang first (Lin Shen ornaments) enthusiastic service to the daily work and life of urban residents in the community, to help residents solve the difficult warm story. The drama did not smoke, no thrilling fight a desperate, but full of humor and wisdom, emotional life and human feelings of works, so that the audience to learn more about the important functions of the community of the people’s police and their feelings in a relaxed opera at the same time. For the first time the police story city community police yushuiqing when composing the square dance aunt jump are hi, but were the drop from the clouds "snail soup"; when the thieves are using the right scavengers community residents, property security risks; when the rogue traders were forced vulnerable to bullying, a violation of human rights…… When these events affect people’s quality of life and social stability, we will immediately emerge in the minds of the 6 words: difficult to find the police. The Metropolitan Police, "Jiangcheng police" warmth and light comedy is described with people’s police story. It is reported that the TV series "Jiangcheng police" to the advanced deeds of a national hero, tenth, the eleven National People’s Congress Chen Xianyan to create a prototype form. In the play, whether it is to help the community residents to solve the disputes, to solve the employment problem, or the implementation of community endowment Huimin policy, this one seems not worth mentioning things but not with people’s daily lives are closely linked, behind any thing all is between the police and community residents strong water love. The service of the masses is no small matter small police interpretation of national feelings in the eyes of outsiders, grassroots community police can pass the time in a cup of tea, a newspaper, but the "Jiangcheng police" is showing us the real life: community police Lin Shen as the first Yang always looked like trifles as a major event to catch in his words, this is called "check erroneous ideas at the outset, nip in the bud, cannot let Trinidad embankment collapse in, and to put in bad before strangled in the cradle." Popular yang to use action to prove "why do the police, how do the police, for whom the police do, tell you: a good performance in the community police is not caught many people, the number of bankruptcy case, but to help residents solve many practical problems, saved many people saved, how many families and less the number of cases. It is worth mentioning that, in the TV series, played by Lin Shen Yang broke the police serious image in the hearts of the audience, the service for the people as an art: keep the principle without losing love, witty and humorous, the heart is feeling and down to earth, shows nowadays young)相关的主题文章:

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