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Jiaxing electric vehicle fast charging stations to achieve full coverage of the individual can also apply for yesterday, reporters from the national network of Jiaxing power supply company, Jiaxing five county (city) district two and high-speed service area to achieve the electric car fast charging station full coverage, build 29 fast charging stations, in the future, as long as it is in Jiaxing, you can convenient for electric vehicle charging. Yesterday morning, the State Grid Jiashan power company in the next good cultural theme park, is the county’s first electric vehicle fast charging station commissioning, the fast charging sites were set up 4 charging pile 60 kW and 4 kW 120 charging pile. In order to successfully debug work, the staff also borrowed a small electric car. Connect the charging gun, brush recharge card, set the amount, the vehicle began charging. It is reported that most electric vehicles can charge about 80% of electricity in half an hour. Fast charging station charging fee is 1.6 yuan (including electricity and service charges), full of electricity about about $50. And full of electricity, the vehicle can travel 200 kilometers in an ideal state, generally can travel from 150 to 170 km. Converted into life, the cost of charging a lot more than the cost of gasoline. It is understood that the Jiashan Shan culture theme park parking lot built fast charge station investment of nearly 1 million 700 thousand yuan, has been put into operation at the end of October. In addition, also invested about 1 million 520 thousand yuan in the streets (town) 14 points, respectively, the construction of 76 slow charging pile, is expected by the end of December next year will be put into operation; the construction of 8 fast charging station. The reporter learned that, at present, there are a total of 29 electric vehicle fast charging station in Jiaxing global, covering five counties (city) district two and all the high-speed service area, a total of more than 1300 trips to charge. "Jiaxing is located in Hangzhou, the traffic location is very important, Jiaxing has achieved full coverage, greatly facilitate the owners of electric cars between Shanghai and the surrounding city." State Grid Jiaxing power supply company, said Zhang Teng, deputy director of the marketing department, full coverage of fast charging power plants also help clean energy vehicles instead of traditional cars, help to improve the overall environment. Next, I will further improve the electric vehicle charging service network, in the scenic area, shopping malls, hospitals, schools and other crowded place to build fast charging station, in our city next year is expected to add 15 fast charging station. In addition, the city is actively working with the provincial government to build a car networking platform, the platform will collect all of the charging pile, location, use, the situation is clear at a glance, to facilitate the use of government regulation and owners. Owners can also use e charging APP query. In addition, the electric car owners can also apply for the construction of individual personal charging pile, charging pile for slow charging pile, about 10 hours can be filled, standard fees and residents gebiao the same price, the price is 0.558 yuan, you can also subscribe to the peak and valley table, the peak price is 0.588 yuan per kWh, the low price of 0.308 yuan per degree. Apply for individual charging pile users need to apply to the local power sector, after the installation, investment of about six thousand or seven thousand yuan. At present, Jiashan has 5 users.相关的主题文章:

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