Jingnan eco housing 130-220 square meters spa hospital selection combined to enjoy the quality of li mmhouse

Jingnan eco housing 130-220 square meters spa hospital selection combined to enjoy the quality of life of hot springs in Bazhou Xindu peacock City British palace (real estate information) 130-220 square meters spa Joint Institute of Tencent real estate news hot peacock City Xindu British palace new airport health district, Beijing PA Chengtie direct, 22 billion cubic silicon fluoride spring low density residential area, household hot springs, Chengtie to door first, the total price of 400 thousand, 63-160 square meters spa mansion. Total price of 1 million 400 thousand, 130-220 square meters of hot springs hospital. The project is located in the wide high-speed exit 392 (Beijing new airport spa town). Xindu spa palace three British peacock city 0109 floor apartment layout in the sale of 100 square meters two Sanshiliangting; two Sanshiliangting 128 square meters and 135 square meters; two sanshiliangting. Xindu spa peacock City British palace in the sale of five square meters apartment layout is 79 room two hall health; two rooms of 63 square meters and 160 square meters of a Wei; Wei Sishiliangting three. Real estate price of 9000 yuan square meters. Tencent Beijing big Beijing real estate buyers, real estate hot topics discussed. Tencent Beijing purchase 2 group 166034408 spa Xindu peacock City England… See the details of the lowest price of 9000 yuan square meters of ecological livable real estate brand developers Gallery | the latest 400-819-1111 644282 "" "" "click to view the comments above Xindu spa peacock city information is only for reference, the final announcement to developers. Fangshan ocean new world (real estate information) hardcover opening price of 26000 yuan per square meter Tencent real estate news ocean new business circles located in Liangxiang Higher Education Park, academic atmosphere, close to the Fangshan line of University City station. Will the Beijing fine luxury range of children, the southwest ring, close to the subway, custom 980 thousand temple, white bag. Ocean · new world residential 3, 4 building has been sold out. Residential 3, building 4, 18 storey tower, 1 units, 2 staircase 4 households, a total of 144 units; the main apartment layout for 75 square Liangju, 90 square, 105 square Sanju and 128 level four ranks; residential price at 38000-42000 yuan square meters, total 2 million 850 thousand sets, down 860 thousand since the launch in September 30, 2018. Commercial and residential products to 27-50 flat loft based, 4.2 meters high. Refined decoration, hardcover standard reference model, commercial opening price of 26000 yuan per square meter, the total price of 700 thousand sets, down payment of 350 thousand. Property costs 3.6 yuan * * *, loft2018 in November 30th submitted. Join the "Beijing Tencent Fangshan buyers group", the real-time discussion purchase hot topics: 312318672; new world ocean view details of the average price of 26000 yuan square meters of real estate investment real estate brand developers Gallery | the latest 400-819-1111 610440 ocean new world is the new masterpiece ocean brand 23 years Jiang Xinning practice, project site selection in the Southwest Ring Metro Central Park. Well after nearly three years, according to the multiple value projects with the natural environment, transportation, education resources, follow the harmony between man and nature.相关的主题文章:

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