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Director Kim Ki-duk to bring the new "network" at the Busan Film Festival – outdoor stage entertainment Sohu Kim Ki-duk debut in Busan stage regards "the web" poster director Kim Ki-duk 9 days to bring the new "network" appeared in Busan Haeundae Movie Palace, and fans to share the creation of this "South theme" movie and original intention behind the story, he called on everyone "don’t ignore this movie", because "ignore it is ignoring the relations between North and south, is our own negative". "The web" is a show "north and South" in the movie, the lowest film 15 ban grading grading belongs to the film director Kim Ki-duk, many people have seen the movie feedback film than in the past many of the film director Kim Ki-duk to fit many iconic, less cruel, heavy export plots and scenes. The film tells the story of Liu Chengfan played by North Korea because the fisherman was entangled in the net, but alone across the border with North Korea, South Korean police as a North Korean spy, in order to return to North Korea, a variety of experience within a week of the encounter. The same day, director Kim Ki-duk told him the opportunity to shoot "net". "This is the third film I shot from north to south, the north and South will be made into a movie, but also because of the tense relationship between North and south, and now, because thad the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula, between the north and the south is losing trust. In this case, it is necessary for us to look at the problem correctly. Through this story, I want to solve this tension, but also in this regard, I shot the "net"." Kim Ki-duk director also asked the audience not to ignore the "net" this movie, I hope the film can have more viewers to see. "Net" although I shot the film, but it is also the audience of the film, if you ignore it, is to ignore the relationship between North and south, that is, to deny ourselves. I hope that we must go to watch the movie, after the release of the film’s performance is not good, it will also reduce the hall, to see less chance. The film, a sincere reflection of the relationship between the north and south, we should not be affected by the outside world, but to find their own solutions to the problem." Kim Ki-duk also explained the film’s first shot, in fact, from the real event. "Zhe Yu (Liu Chengfan) came to Korea to accept the investigation, finally when he returned to North Korea, North Korea’s return to discard all the naked scene is the first screen film. This is the real event that happened in the world in 70s and 80s." What is the most important thing for the selection of the actor, director Kim Ki-duk replied: I am in the selection of actors, the most important thing is his understanding of the works and acting." Then he also praised as "the web" actor, he said: "I can understand the script meaning, this is very important, and I Yingmin gold together many works, I know he is a very good actor, but Li Yuangen in this movie is also very good interprets the character in place." For the day has not been able to come to the scene of "Korean fisherman" played by Liu Chengfan Kim Ki-duk, the director said to him as a hero, he was lucky, he thought that Liu Chengfan "can deliver a lot of energy actor". "Network" in October 6相关的主题文章:

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