Landlord theft of 2 computers feel the tenant was referred to the point of final surrender – Sohu ne

The landlord to steal the 2 senses of the car was pointing to the point of final surrender – Sohu news November 18th at around 2 in the afternoon, Jiulongpo people with a Wu laptop, to the Valley Police station. Police recalled that Wu was found on duty police said he stole two computers, doing something wrong from the first, a Toshiba computer, a Lenovo laptop. Now all to the police, I am from the first, I hope to deal with leniency." Wu has repeatedly stressed. Police immediately involved in the investigation. Wu said he was 42 years old, in the valley with a house of a high level of three, rented to work in the vicinity of the factory at the age of 24. "I love playing cards, but do not know how, bad luck, lost a lot of money." Wu said he noticed a good condition of the Tao, the heart secretly playing the idea. "When you are not at home, look at the valuable things in the house." Wu observed several times. One day in early November afternoon, he took advantage of Taomou not at home, turn into the window. "I found that there were two computers in the cupboard, but I was so timid that I stole one of the laptops." Wu said that after stealing, he hid the computer in his room closet. "I was nervous and didn’t take it out." After a few days, Wu found that Tao did not report, only to lay down their hearts. Found nothing, Wu emboldened up. A few days later, Wu and another computer will be stolen. That night, Tao reported to the police. Although the computer hand, but Wu has not dared to take out to sell. It made him very uneasy, "I feel the neighbors are pointing to me, like I was a thief. I decided to come from the first." At present, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章:

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