Lianyungang a man falling from the mountain out of the fire brigade emergency rescue baxia

Lianyungang a man falling from the mountain falls fire brigade and emergency rescue on October 6th in the afternoon at 1:15 PM, Jiangsu Province, Lianyungang city fire command center received the alarm call, in the sea Yuntai Mountain scenic mountain, a man accidentally fell, in need of rescue. Fire command center after receiving the alarm, immediately deploy Xugou to Rescue Squadron officers and soldiers. After intense rescue fire officers and soldiers for more than half an hour, the injured were rescued. Xugou fire squadron officers and soldiers received a dispatch command, quickly carry rescue equipment to the scene of the accident rescue. After contact with the injured family on the way that the trapped in a distance of about 50 meters from the mountain, leg injuries have been unable to walk. Fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene found that the man was injured leg has been reached 120 of the medical staff with a splint for a fixed treatment. The injured and trapped position is an untapped mountain trail, and a vertical highway about 70 degrees to the foot of the road is very steep, there are a lot of stone and the surrounding, brought great difficulties to the rescue work. Time is life! Fire officers and soldiers can not attend the mountain steep, using portable hook and belt, swiftly turn the safety belt fixed on the stretcher, and lift it up, ready to go down. The rugged mountain, two times to prevent damage to the injured, the fire brigade decided by a group of people leading the way in front, behind the rescuers took turns carrying the injured. Fire officers and soldiers were careful to carry the injured, difficult to move down the mountain. The mountain is very steep, in the face of no supporting point and the ending point of the case, the fire officers and soldiers only hand holding the ground slowly forward, after half an hour of intense relief, the injured was successfully transferred to the mountain, and was carried to an ambulance rushed to hospital. It is understood that the injured man is in Henan, during the National Day holiday and his family came to the Lianyungang sea of Yuntai Mountain tourism, because of the scenic road, took an untapped mountain, accidentally fell, injuring trapped. Fire departments to remind the majority of tourists, do not arbitrarily explore the unknown location outside the scenic spots, not to go alone to the mountain road was not developed, otherwise it is not only easy to get lost, but also prone to injuries and other accidents.相关的主题文章:

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